Thursday, November 10, 2011

Keepers of the Faith Book Review and $25 GC giveaway!

Gift Guide Post #33

Hello Neighbors!

This is a busy week with our Gift Guide.  Remember you can visit our Gift Guide page under the Items of Interest in our sidebar to see the posts already completed of companies participating in the 2011 Gift Guide At the Fence.  Just in case you want to visit one of their sites again!  Now on to Keepers of the Faith.  I already told you quite a bit about them in  a previous post, but this time I have a book of theirs to tell you a little bit about.

The book is called The Young Pilgrim by A.L.O.E.  A.L.O.E. stands for A Lady of England.  Charlotte Maria Tucker She wrote many books, and and her latter years spent time on the mission field.  Originally this book was published in 1871.  It is meant to be a child's companion to Bunyan's great work, Pilgrim's Progress.  It is to help younger children who can not yet grasp some of the allegory in the story and to help them understand a little better.  Before we start, I will tell, you that Pilgrim's Progress is a favorite in our family.  I collect old copies of the story.  Especially ones that have pictures.  I have several written especially for children.

On with our story!  This is a story of 2 young men, Mark and Charles as they journey toward heaven.  It tells of trials and temptations they face, along with their failures and successes.  Each chapter starts with a quote from Pilgrim's Progress.  This book is full of spiritual lessons, that will help both children and adults in their Christian walk.  I am very impressed.  This is the first book I have read by A.L.O.E., and I have decided, I will be looking for more.  Lessons will be learned on telling the truth, not stealing, controlling our tempers and our tongues.  I know that this book will be a blessing in your life.  I really don't want to give away what occurs in the story, because I personally dislike to have someone tell me the whole storyline, when I can read the book and enjoy it myself.  So I will leave it up to you to purchase the book and find out what happens.  I will add that my 14 year old daughter read the book and really enjoyed it.  My 11 uear old is reading it next.

Keepers of the Faith has many other books by A.L.O.E. along with books by various other authors.  Be sure to check them out.  I also want to tell you about a Facebook promotion going on.  You have to like their Facebook page by November 12th, so hurry, you don't have long, but they are giving away a $200 GC and 4-$50 GC to random people who like their Facebook page.  Believe me it is well worth the effort to try.  I did!

Keeper's of the Faith has many great gifts on their website, and their prices are very reasonable.  This is a way to encourage your children and grandchildren to read good books, that teach them about the Lord, and their Christian walk.

Now, Keeper's of the Faith will be giving the winner of this giveaway a $25 Keeper's of the Faith GC.  Be sure to enter! 

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Woodcarving - Negative Relief Carving Kit

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