Monday, November 7, 2011


Hello Neighbors,

How is everyone today?  I love visiting out here At the Fence with my Neighbors.  We went to a store the other day and bought some Jewelry!  They were eighty percent off so my Dad bought a really pretty necklace, and a blue ring for my Mom. They are sooo beautiful!  My Mom love them. Since that trip I have been thinking about getting some new jewelry myself.  I have been looking at titanium rings.  Or maybe a tungsten ring.  I think I like the titanium better than the other.  I love how it looks!  They would also make a great gift for the up-coming holidays!  You know maybe get one for a gift to give a friend or relative.  Just make sure you find out which one they like!  This would also be good if someone you know is getting married and looking at the different options for wedding rings.  Or if you lost yours, like my mom did.  I was thinking about getting one of the titanium rings for a friend of mine.  She loves rings and this would be great.  But my sister likes the tungsten rings better!  What is your favorite of the two?

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