Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Glasses USA Review

Hello Neighbors!

It is very windy today At the Fence.  I am sitting here beside the window and can hear the wind whistling around the house, and I can hear our rocking chairs banging against the front patio railing, but here At the Fence online all is wonderful.  I get a chance to visit with my neighbors without going out into that cold, windy weather.

I wanted to tell all of you about My husband, my oldest daughter, and my youngest daughter all wear glasses.  My youngest only needs them for reading, but both my husband and oldest daughter must wear them all the time.  So, I was really excited at getting to work with Glasses USA because my oldest daughter (C) needed a new pair of glasses.  Her vision hadn't changed much, but her other glasses were just to the point of needing replaced.  Now, I have to explain that for the review, I went in and ordered them just like you would.  I didn't special place the order, where I would get treated any differently just because I was writing a review.

C went in and chose what frame she liked and believe me there are alot to choose from!  She narrowed it down to a couple that she liked.  They have a virtual mirror where you can actually get an idea of what the frames will look like on you. You can upload a photo, or use your webcam to take a picture.  If you decide you like a pair, you can actually send the photo to a friend and get their opinion.  After she finally decided, we entered her prescription information.  I was amazed at how easy this was.  We were able to choose the frame and fill out the form rather quickly.  We placed the order October 132th in the evening.  I received the tracking information on the 18th.  That was fast!  I also received a notice that they had added three protective coatings, Anti-Scratch,  UV Protection, and Premium Anti-Reflection coatings.  All throughout the process I knew if I had any questions or problems arise with her prescription glasses there was an 800 number I could contact for help.

Now, we were on a trip when the glasses came in, but my sons were at home to receive the DHL shipment.  I had received a tracking number, so I was aware of when they shipped and the scheduled arrival date.  I even received a call from DHL on the morning they were to arrive to verify that someone would be home to sign for the package.

My daughter was excited to receive her new eyeglasses, and I think they look great.  We did take them in to a local place to have them adjusted a little around the ears and nose.  That was to be expected since we ordered online.  And the local company was quite nice about doing the adjusting.  Mind you this was nothing major, nothing wrong with the glasses, just the normal adjustment you would do to make sure they sit comfortably.  Now she wears them all the time.  Thank you Glasses USA for GREAT service.  So, if you need to buy glasses, consider ordering from Glasses USA, and use the code Blog10 to receive 10% off.

Glasses USA also has a generous referral program.  For each friend you refer who actually purchases a pair of glasses, you will receive a $30 referral fee that you can use towards your next pair of glasses.  This only works, with their first order, not any subsequent orders.  You might also want to like them on Facebook, as they have exclusive discounts for fans!

Disclosure:I received no monetary compensation for this post.  I did receive a pair of prescription glasses for review purposes.  All quotes are taken from Glasses USA.  All thoughts and opinions are mine.

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