Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Farm Rich 2011 Kids Who Give Contest

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I have a press release from Farm Rich that I would like to share with you about their Kids Who Give Contest, but before I do, I wanted to mention something about Farm Rich.  I know they are not officially a part of my Gift Guide, but they sure do make great snacks for get togethers.  We recently tried the Mozzarella Bites.  Gooey mozzarella cheese inside a soft pizzeria dough.  We just added a small bowl of pizza sauce to dip in, and watched them disappear!  Neighbors, you need to put Farm Rich snacks on your shopping list!

Now back to the announcement!  Farm Rich announced the winners of the 2011 Kids Who Give Contest.

Ages 7-10

Ricky Springer, 9, McDonough, Ga.
Racing for a Cause
Ricky Springer doesn’t want another child to go through what he did before his second birthday – seeing more than 18 different doctors before being diagnosed with eosinophilic colitis. He started Racing for a Cause to create awareness of eosinophil-associated disorders and for doctors to know how to recognize the signs and symptoms. So far, Racing for a Cause has educated over 2 million people and raised more than $4,000. 
Ages 11-13
Mariah Reynolds, 12, Cincinnati, Ohio
Just One Heart, gLOVE One Another, and Heal the Soul
Mariah Reynolds started volunteering at age 6 and has put in almost 5,300 hours of volunteer time so far. She earned the President’s Lifetime Volunteer Service Award after completing 4,000 service hours; today she volunteers about 40 hours a month. She also started three non-profits. Just One Heart sends Valentine’s Day cards to veterans and active servicemen and women; gLOVE One Another collects hats, scarves and gloves for shelters, churches and schools; and Heal the Soul gives mp3 players and iPods to sick children. 
Ages 14-17
Rujul Zaparde, 16, Plainsboro, N.J.
Drinking Water for India
Rujul Zaparde and his friend Kevin Petrovic started Drinking Water for India to build tube-wells in remote Indian villages and to inspire and motivate students to recognize and join the mission. Rujul can quickly do the math. Each tube costs $1,000 and helps 1,800 villagers for at least 10 years – or 55 cents per person. So far Drinking Water for India has built 31 wells, which have helped more than 55,000 villagers, with three more wells currently under construction. Over 20 schools and approximately 450 students are involved. Rujul also visits India twice a year to help build the wells.
Fan Favorite
Nathan Hickey, 10, Monrovia, Calif.
Mountain Biking for Pablove
Nathan Hickey formed Mountain Biking for Pablove to show support for kids with cancer. He rides his mountain bike for Team Pablove in races from March until September, and in October for Pablove Across America. Nathan races to raise awareness of childhood cancer, and in 2009 he raised almost $2,000 with his fundraising campaign.
Grand prize winners will each receive $2,500 for their cause, along with a $500 gift card and a Farm Rich prize pack.  Each grand prize winner also will be treated to an all-expense-paid trip to New York City in October for the 2011 Kids Who Give Awards Dinner.  First place, runner-up and the Fan Favorite winners also receive cash donations to their charity, gift cards and a Farm Rich prize pack. (See list of all winners below.)
“An important part of the Farm Rich culture is our commitment to giving back to our communities and what better way to encourage others than by celebrating young people who are doing just that?” Meetz added.  “Through Kids Who Give, we not only shine a light on these amazing kids, but we can also shine the light on the millions of committed young people across America who inspire others to become involved in a cause that’s important to them.  Together, community by community – and kid by kid – change is possible.”
To learn more, visit www.kidswhogive.com

So be sure to include Farm Rich in your holiday get togethers!

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