Monday, November 21, 2011

Doggy Dining Tray Review!

Gift Guide Post # 50

Hey neighbors!

We are really pushing out posts and reviews this week.  There are so many great gifts to share with my neighbors, and I want to get them in front of you as fast as I can!  Next up is the Doggy Dining Tray by Richell USA.  I like that it is wood and it is adjustable.  You do have to put it together, but it is very easy!  You attach the two feet, each one with one screw and nut.  Then you can slide the tray in at the level you want, and tighten the little levers at the back.  Real simple!  This makes dining easier, for an older dog who has problems bending down to a bowl, or just to make it easier for any dog to reach their dishes.  There are rubber feet to prevent the tray from sliding.

Suggested retail is $50.  If you have a pet needing the extra height or help with dining here is what you need.  We let Lady Grace try it out for us and she seemed to like it! You can see in the pictures the different levels it can be set at, so it grows with a young dog!  In the pictures we have it set in the middle.  There are 2 levels below, and 2 levels higher.  The wood easily wipes clean.  It is also nice that it is so pretty!  Be sure to check out Richell USA for other pet needs also.  They have pens, gates, storage and housetraining supplies. 

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