Monday, November 7, 2011

Carpet Cleaning in Buda!

Hey Neighbors!

We had alot of fun today.  We took a shopping trip!  We went to a couple of Thrift Stores, the Mall, picked up some groceries, ordered pizza, and had alot of fun.  We also found this really good popcorn that has dark fudge chocolate drizzled over it that was on clearance for $1 a bag!  Mmmmm...  That was so good.  So good that we had to go back to the store and buy the last eleven bags they had!  I just hope my little sister doesn't get it crushed in the carpet!  She loves it.  I was looking around at different carpet cleaning services (after my little sister leaves chocolate drizzled popcorn all over we will be needing it!:).  Not to mention we have 2 young pups that are still being house-trained.  Webster is doing pretty good, but Lady Grace is still having accidents.  Not bad on the hardwood floor, but when she manages to sneak into a bedroom with carpeting, no one is happy! I found  They have some really great specials right now like $99 for three rooms!  Sounds great to me!  We just might have to check out having ours done.  We have some friends in Texas so I was looking at the Carpet Cleaning Buda. I will have to let them know about the specials they are running!

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