Friday, November 25, 2011

Cane Expressions Review and Giveaway

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Grand Gift Guide At the Fence Post #53

Hello Neighbors!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day yesterday.  Today I have another great gift idea for you.  Cane Expressions.

Here is some information from her website... "Rhonda's 75 year old mother was having issues with balance and with her knees. She needed to use a cane, but did not want to, as it made her feel old and it was unattractive.  A friend decided to bead her cane for her as a craft project. She took a beaded belt and glued it to the shaft of the cane. Rhonda's mom began using the cane and was delighted when people stopped her and complimented her on her beautiful cane.  "Where did you get it?" was a common question.  Rhonda's mother now uses her cane every day, as she is a fashionable woman, and her accessories are important to her.  This gave birth to our product, Cane Expressions™—interchangeable cane covers that can coordinate with outfits, activities or hobbies. Our mission is to provide people with a level of dignity, which in turn will encourage cane use. And with that, safety and style. KEEP MOVING IN STYLE is our tagline.

I was sent two of their products.  The Camo and the Silver Shimmer.  My Dad thought the camo one looked neat so I put it on his walking stick.  Here are a couple of pictures...

 My Dad had some fun posing with the Cane Expressions...
 He loves using it now.

 This would be a great gift for someone that has a cane or walking stick and still wants to be fashionable or just wants a new look.  Make sure you check out the Cane Expressions website.  You can also Like them on Facebook to stay up with their latest news. 

Cane Expressions agreed  to send one of my Neighbors one of their Cane Expressions in the Zebra Print!  This will end Dec.  9.  


karenmed409 said...

I like the Blue Jean

walkabout said...

My husband would love this when hi hip gives out on him occasionally!I follow on google friends said...

The beaded one is soo pretty! [=

Patty White said...

I love the Hearts!!