Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cafe Press Throw Blanket Review and Giveaway!

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Hey neighbors!

I love this throw!  I ordered a throw from Cafe Press, and as you all know I like bears, so I chose one with...a bear!  It is a super soft fleece throw with a big, black, bear in the center, with forest around it. We took it on the trip with us.  This throw is so warm!

Cafe Press is one of my favorite online shops.  They have so much available to choose from.  You are sure to find something that special someone will like, and if not, you can create it!  My whole family has products from Cafe Press, from laptop, skins, to polo shirts, to clocks, etc.

The winner of this giveaway will be able to choose a throw for themselves!  Now wouldn't that be exciting!  Be sure you browse through what they have to offer, just make sure you have plenty of time.  Once again, online shopping is my favorite!  No crowds, no wasted time or fuel, no bad weather.  Just you, in your home, shopping!

Also, Cafe Press has a Sweepstakes going on on their Facebook page, where you can enter to win $2,000 in free airfare and a $250 CafePress gift certificate. All you have to do is like their page and submit the entry form for a chance to win. Here's the link to enter:

Disclosure:I received no monetary compensation for this post.  I did receive one throw.  All quotes are taken from the Cafe Press Website.  All thoughts and opinions are mine.

Red Robin Review and Giveaway

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Grand Gift Guide At the Fence Post #59

Hello Neighbors,

We have a pretty full house right now.  We have two families visiting us right now.  I have a really great company to share with ya'll today.  Red Robin.  They are the best!

Here is a little information about Red Robin... "
Red Robin Gourmet Burgers has been the Gourmet Burger expert since 1969, when the first Red Robin® restaurant opened in Seattle. Now, with more than 450 restaurants across the U.S. and Canada, Red Robin offers craveable, high-quality menu items including innovative, signature Gourmet Burgers and Chicken Sandwiches, as well as salads, entrees, and signature Bottomless Beverages™ all made with fresh, Honest-to-Goodness® ingredients.  From our Royal Red Robin Burger® to the California Chicken Sandwich, our Guests are sure to find a burger to crave. Not in the mood for beef or chicken but still craving a burger? No problem. Red Robin also serves turkey burgers, fish sandwiches, Gardenburger® or vegan Boca® Burgers to satisfy every Guest’s palate.  Red Robin was founded on four core values, which are still alive in restaurants today. These core values are at the foundation of every decision we make from creating craveable Gourmet Burgers to choosing new restaurant locations. They also are the foundation for how we treat our Team Members, Guests and the communities we serve.  Red Robin also has an unparalleled and extraordinary approach to Guest service known as Unbridled Acts®. Each Unbridled Act®, regardless of size, is a testament to our unique culture and the care we take for each and every Team Member and Guest.  Red Robin…. YUMMM!®

Red Robin himself!

I visited the Red Robin in Orland Park, IL.  First you walk in and they seat you, take your drink order, etc.  After we ordered the food came out pretty fast and it was great!  While looking at the menu I decided to get a Dr. Pepper and their Bacon Cheeseburger! Here is a little bit about the Bacon Cheeseburger... "We claim this to be the best bacon cheeseburger in the known burger universe! Garnished with sizzling applewood smoked bacon, crisp lettuce, fresh tomatoes & mayo. Choose your favorite cheese: Cheddar, American, Swiss, Bleu, Provolone or Pepper-Jack."

See the Bacon hanging out the side!

This really is the best Bacon Cheeseburger I have ever had!  Another plus is that their sandwiches come with bottomless steak fries!  I added some of the special Red Robin Seasoning to mine and they tasted wonderful.

My brother tried the Crispy Chicken Sandwich, my sister tried the Bacon Cheeseburger, and my other brother tried the Red Robin Gourmet Cheeseburger.  These all came with the bottomless fries.

They also had great service.  She refilled our drinks before they were even empty! 

Here are a couple of pictures of my brothers and sister enjoying Red Robin...
Checking out the menu!
My sister with her Bacon Cheeseburger.

My brother.  He ordered the Crispy Chicken Sandwich.
Enjoying her drink.

The food tasted so good.  And the Burgers are so big I had over half of mine left and I brought it home and ate the rest of it for dinner!  Red Robin is a great place to eat.  Anybody would love to eat there.  Need a gift?  Check out the Red Robin website and purchase a gift card.  It would be a great gift.  You can also Like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter to stay up with the latest news.

Red Robin also sent me another $25 Gift Card to send to one of my Neighbors!  What a great gift this will make.  Whether as a gift for a friend or family member or as a gift to yourself.  

Sallie's Jams Review

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Grand Gift Guide At the Fence Review Post #58

Hello Neighbors!

What a lovely day to be out At the Fence today.  We have had some really great companies participating in our Grand Gift Guide and we have many more so be sure to stay on the watch.  Next up is Sallie's Jams. 

Here is a little information about Sallie's Jams... " In 2004, I returned to my roots and found myself living in the middle of a huge field with a garden-loving husband in my hometown of Cameron, SC, where farming is a mainstay. One perk of my time in corporate America was an expense account which afforded me the opportunity to experience fine dining across the country, cultivating my knowledge of unique food and flavor combinations. This interest in flavor pairings combined with my creative nature, and life in the field, led to the creation of Sallie's Greatest.
Thanks to my partnership with local farmers, my specialty line of herbal fruit jams is made with the freshest produce possible, straight from the field to the jar! We're also developing a cookbook to give cooks—on all levels—the tools needed to turn an everyday meal into an extraordinary dining experience with the simple twist of a lid.
For years, my friends and family have raved over my creations. I feel that it's just plain selfish to keep this secret in my inner circle and being selfish isn't being Southern!"

This Jam is really good.  I made my Dad some Toast the other day and let him use my Strawberry Basil Jam.  He loved it!  My brother managed to sneak a bite and he said it was really good.    Here are some pictures of my Jam I received...

Getting ready to put the Jam on my Dad's toast.
This is what it looks like.

Here it is!

This would be a great gift.  Make sure you check out the Sallie's Jams website and Like them on Facebook to stay up with the latest news.

Disclosure:I received no monetary compensation for this post.  I did receive two jars of jam for review purposes.  All quotes are taken from the Sallie's Jams website.  All thoughts and opinions are mine. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Tommee Tippee Dining Set Review and Giveaway!

Gift Guide Post #

Hey neighbors!

Getting back into the mode here.  We will probably be doing 2-3 reviews or review/giveaways each day for the next few days, other than Sunday, so make sure you keep checking in.  You never know what will be next!

Now, I get to share with you some products from Tommee Tippee.  This is a really great set!  First I have the explora weaning bowls (set of 4).  They are the perfect size for 6 months and up your little ones start eating.  My set is blue and green, 2 of each.  I love the handle edge for easy holding, so convenient.  The bowls are 11 fl. oz.  And they work great with my next item!  Keep reading! ($5.49)

Next is the explora easi-mat. (4 month +)  The easi-mat, non-slip, easy grip mat sticks to most flat surfaces and holds bowls and plates in place with a suction cup.  It has an easy release tab for removal.  Ideal for travel, just roll it up, stick it in the diaper bag and off you go.  Lay it on the table and then attach the bowl to the suction cup.  Yes, it is hard to separate unless you know to use the tab.  Keeps babies from spilling their food all over! Perfect!  ($6.99)

Then I have the explora 8 feeding spoons.(9 month +)  They have easi-grip handles for little hands.  Another great feature is the soft tip for tender gums.  How many times have you caught a little one's gums with a metal spoon?  Nice deep spoon for holding food.  ($4.99)

Last of all are the explora truly spill-proof sippy cup.  (9 month +) These come 2 to a pack.  These cups are 11 fl. oz. and are considered a stage 2 cup.  The soft flex spot protects gums.  I also like the hygiene cap.  ($7.99)

Each of the items I received from Tommee Tippee are BPA free.  They are also dishwasher and microwave safe.  You can find Tommee Tippee products at Toys R Us.
Hannah was the one chosen to help me review these!

Trying to pull the bowl off the mat!
Using her new cup!  She calls it her special cup. 

Tommee Tippee has many of your baby needs when it comes to nursing and feeding.  From breast pumps to cups and bowls, along with pacifiers and teethers.  They even have a couple of  monitors available.  Any of the Tommee Tippee products would make a great gift idea.  Both for young children and/or expectant mothers.  Tommee Tippee is a quality product.  I am happy to recommend Tommee Tippee to my neighbors At the Fence!

The winner of this giveaway will be receiving a set from Tommee Tippee, just like mine.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Vision Bedding Review and Giveaway

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Grand Gift Guide At the Fence Post #56

Hello Neighbors!

We have had some great companies so far in our Grand Gift Guide.  And I have another one... Vision Bedding!  I did a review and giveaway for them before, but they also wanted to participate in our Gift Guide so they said I could do a review with one of their Photo Blankets.  I love personalized gifts like this!  At first I couldn't decide whether I should do this for myself or for a gift for someone in my family.  I finally decided to use pictures of everyone in the family and do it as a Family Blanket!  I sent them nine photos and the color I liked (Purple of course!) and they had it made and sent it to me.  It came out really well!

Didn't it come out nice?!?

Here is some information from Vision Bedding... "Using the latest production technology, your favorite picture is specially dyed into a photo blanket, custom bedding, photo pillows, rugs, shower curtains, wall art, and many more home decor items.  Our end result is high-quality custom home decor. You won't find a sharper, more vivid photo product than ours!  We offer over Twelve Million designs and photos to choose from for any of our home decor products.  Use a picture from our huge gallery or upload your very own photo to make a personalized photo product."

Here are some pictures of the pictures that are on my Photo Blanket...
Us visiting the museum from earlier this year.
This is from when we got to visit the Texas Longhorns.

My Brothers!
My Sisters!

Competing at Masters Club!
Bored in the vehicle while traveling!

 I love this blanket!  It is so soft and perfect to curl up in on those cool nights with a book.  My sister was not felling well the other day and she wrapper herself up in my blanket and went to sleep!  Anybody would love to receive a photo blanket!  My sister had one made for my parents last year and they loved it.

Vision Bedding has some very neat items that would make a great gift!  Make sure you check them out.  You can Follow them on Twitter and Like their Facebook page where they have exclusive discounts!

Vision Bedding agreed to send one Neighbor a the same type of Photo Blanket as the one I received!  Yay!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Big Book Of History Review

Gift Guide Post #

Hey Neighbors!

I will be including reviews from Master Books on a regular basis now, but I have some I thought would make some great gifts.  The first one is Big Book of History, a 15 ft. fold-out time-line from Creation to Modern Computers.  The contributing editors are, Laura Welch, Bodie Hodge, and Ken Ham.  The book is recommended for ages 7-12.  This is a really attractive and exciting book.  It will help spark your child's interest in history.

 The Big Book of History includes facts on Biblical/Christianity, World Events, Civilizations?Empires, and Inventions/Technology.  It includes birthdates of kings, leaders, inventors, and famous men of God.  Dates of wars fought, and of course dates of inventions and discoveries.

15 feet of information!
My 11 year old loves history, so this book was perfect for her, but even I found many new and interesting facts.

We will be including this in our homeschool. I didn't include the funny video where my daughter had trouble pronouncing Sacajawea.  It was really cute.  So, not only did we get a hisroty lesson, we also learned how to pronounce a new word!  Master Books carries a whole line of Christian books that are great for homeschoolers.  Be sure to visit their website!  You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter!

Disclosure:I received no monetary compensation for this post.  I did receive a Big Book of History for review purposes.  All quotes are taken from the Master Books website.  All thoughts and opinions are mine.

Out of the Box Faux-cabulary Review and Giveaway

Gift Guide Post #

Hi Neighbors!

Hope you all had a super great Thanksgiving!  We did!  Plenty of food and friends to share it with!  And I managed to stick by my diet, other than a small helping of mashed potatoes!

I have worked with Out of the Box before and we always LOVE their games!  I have never been disappointed and they have done it once again with Faux-cabulary, the outrageous game of wild new words!  This one can get rather silly at times, which is perfect for our family.

You start out with a "wordmeister" (just whomever you choose to go first), who reads a crazy definition out loud.  Then the remaining players use the dice they have chosen to create a word for that definition.  You have 3 die, and can spin them, rearrange them, until you come up with a word you like. Then everyone turns them in to the "wordmeister" who then decides which word best fits the definition.

Forming a word.

Trading a die.

Forming a word!
Card reads:The smell of an old person.

Here are the words created.

The "wordmeister".
The definition.

The words created.

For example the card might read: Slowing down to below the speed limit when you see a police car.  The other players then start working with their die to create a new word.  Maybe, "robotronicuber" or "bagcopation" or "antitechdis".  You do not have to use all three die for your word, and you may trade 1 die if you wish.  So maybe it could be "digifunk".  The "wordmeister"  then reads the words out loud, and chooses which one they believe best goes with the definition.  That player then receives the card, and play continues around with the next person becoming the "wordmeister".  The winner is the player with the most cards at the end of the game. What a great game from Out of the Box!

Sometimes it is hard to be the "wordmeister" as some of the words really don't fit the definition, and you just have to choose one, but sometimes you would be amazed at the words created.  We were all laughing throughout the game.  This would also be a great icebreaker at get togethers.  What a great gift idea, for teens or families. 

Faux-cabulary ($29.99) is recommended for ages 13+, but my 11 year old played and enjoyed the game.  You can play with 3-7 players.  We actually played with 8, because the "wordmeister" did not compete, and we did teams, working together. So if you need an extra gift idea, be sure to consider Faux-cabulary!

The winner of this giveaway will receive their own copy of Faux-cabulary.  Hurry up and enter!

Cane Expressions Review and Giveaway

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Grand Gift Guide At the Fence Post #53

Hello Neighbors!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day yesterday.  Today I have another great gift idea for you.  Cane Expressions.

Here is some information from her website... "Rhonda's 75 year old mother was having issues with balance and with her knees. She needed to use a cane, but did not want to, as it made her feel old and it was unattractive.  A friend decided to bead her cane for her as a craft project. She took a beaded belt and glued it to the shaft of the cane. Rhonda's mom began using the cane and was delighted when people stopped her and complimented her on her beautiful cane.  "Where did you get it?" was a common question.  Rhonda's mother now uses her cane every day, as she is a fashionable woman, and her accessories are important to her.  This gave birth to our product, Cane Expressions™—interchangeable cane covers that can coordinate with outfits, activities or hobbies. Our mission is to provide people with a level of dignity, which in turn will encourage cane use. And with that, safety and style. KEEP MOVING IN STYLE is our tagline.

I was sent two of their products.  The Camo and the Silver Shimmer.  My Dad thought the camo one looked neat so I put it on his walking stick.  Here are a couple of pictures...

 My Dad had some fun posing with the Cane Expressions...
 He loves using it now.

 This would be a great gift for someone that has a cane or walking stick and still wants to be fashionable or just wants a new look.  Make sure you check out the Cane Expressions website.  You can also Like them on Facebook to stay up with their latest news. 

Cane Expressions agreed  to send one of my Neighbors one of their Cane Expressions in the Zebra Print!  This will end Dec.  9.