Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Xia Xia Party!

Hi Neighbors!

While we were visiting with our friends in New Mexico, we decided to share our Xia Xia.  They had so much fun!  We had  lunch, and then the children started to really have fun.  We pulled out our Xia Xia and their play areas.  One is a cute little Confetti Cottage, that also acts as a carrier for your Xia Xia.  My daughter carried hers the entire trip in the Confetti Cottage.   We also had the Rio de Trio Village, a 3 room play habitat for your little crabs.  Last of all was the Copacabana playset.  With all its little ledges this is perfect to set on a dresser and display your Xia Xia.  We had 8 Xia Xia and 8 extra shell sets.  It really was a lot of fun.  Below see the pictures.

This was a Great salad bar!

Xia Xia's are really neat!

Mine is pink!

Don't look!  We are changing shells!


Let me see!

Don't get away!


I think he wanted her new Xia Xia!

Relaxing in the shade while playing.

Trying to see if it still moves when you pick them up!

Checking out the shell!

Some older girls helped contain the Xia Xia.
One happy girl!

Extra Shell!

A nice carrying case.  My daughter used it on the trip.

They had fun with these.

Nice to display them on too!

Sitting pretty in the Confetti Cottage!

She is here with her shell and rider!

This keeps them from getting under foot!

They ran around and bumped into each other.

They set them all up together to play with.

These cute little crabs skitter around o the floor and move forwards, backwards, bump into things and turn around.  Not only do they move, their shell can be removed and traded out with other shells.  They carry little friend inside their shell.  There are four characters, Bimini, Trinidad, Turks and Tobago.  After it was all over one mom told me that her daughter wanted to visit the website and find out what else they had available!  You can find Xia Xia in Toys R Us and Walmart. 

My daughter thinks these are great.  She loves anything small that she can carry around with her.  Not to mention that pink and purple are her FAVORITE colors.  Xia Xia are the perfect size for travel too!  Just let your child pack A Xia Xia or two in their Confetti Cottage and you are ready to go!  Now, these are not technically a part of our Gift Guide this year, but these would make a great gift idea!  The whole crew gave Xia Xia a thumbs up!  Be sure to check out their Facebook  page to stay updated!  We will!

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