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Tips to Prevent Colds and Flus

Hi neighbors,

With the fall fast approaching and school having started, what have you done to help prevent flus and colds in your family.  I am going to share some of my tips, and then I would love to have you comment with your tips!  Maybe we can help keep all our families flu and cold free this season.

One of the very first, and I feel one of the most important is teaching my family to wash their hands often.  Especially after play, touching library books, toys, shopping carts, etc.  We pick up so many germs on our hands, and of course children have a tendency to put there hands in or near their mouth. This is strictly enforced when we use public restrooms.  I don't know how many times my children have said, "Mommy, she didn't wash her hands." as they point to an adult leaving the restroom.  GROSS!

Another thing we do as a family is to make sure everyone is getting proper rest and good food.  Not enough sleep will wear you down and make you more susceptible to colds and flus.  So, we try to have scheduled bedtimes.  Yes, we do break it on family nights, or for something special, but we really try to stick by it.  The food we eat is another major factor that affects our immune system.  We really try to cut back on sugar, sweets, white flour etc.  I personally have seen how sugar affects the immune system.  And of course we try to eat healthier. Fruits and veggies, full of vitamins!

Most of the family takes daily vitamins, and when cold or flus are around we try to pump up on vitamin C.  It really seems to help.

We really stress covering our mouth when we cough or sneeze.  For some reason, most people do not like to be sneezed or coughed on!  We use tissues, so they can be thrown away, right away.  This would of course go back to point one where we need to go wash our hands immediately!

In our vehicle, camera bag and my purse, I make sure to have hand sanitizer.  For those times you can't wash your hands.  I love the ones with the little clips.  These are great for field trips, classrooms, shopping trips, etc.  Make sure your child has one and knows when to use it!  Wipes are another handy tool for preventing colds and flus.  Carry a small pack with you to wipe down the shopping cart handle.  How many times have you seen a sick young child chewing on the handle as he/she is pushed through the store!  Or an adult sneeze or cough into their hand and then place it back on the shopping cart handle. 

Now it is your turn.  Please leave a comment and share any tips you might have for helping to prevent colds and flus this season.

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