Monday, October 10, 2011

Tarps to the Rescue!

Hello Neighbors,

Tonight is our Family Night but I wanted to drop by for a quick visit with my neighbors.

We recently had a tree cut down in our backyard.  The only problem was that cutting down the tree there was no shade for the dogs in the dog run we have set up out back.  We moved it over where it has a little more shade, but it was still pretty hot, so we decided to buy a tarp to hang over the top to keep it shaded.  The only problem was that it did not cover enough.  We needed to use two tarps for it to properly keep the sun out.  We should have checked out some custom tarps.  It might have been a little more expensive but at least it would have fit properly! We also bought a little dog house that also has an upstairs platform.  It has the dog house and then it has stairs to a little platform above it.  It is really neat!  The dogs love to sit on top and survey the area. So with the tarps, the dog house, and now of course it is getting cooler, the dogs are just fine.  We may need the tarps to keep out snow next!

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