Monday, October 31, 2011

Spice Racks and Baking!

Hello Neighbors!

Something about cool weather makes me want to bake.  To warm the house and fill it with the smell of fresh baked goods, bread and spices. We have 2 spice racks in the house, but I would like to replace one of them.  I am not sure if I want a wall spice rack or not.  It keeps them up and out of the way, and they are not cluttering your counter tops.  But..I like having my spices and seasonings close and easy to use.  A spice rack that sat on the counter and revolved would probably be nice.  It would definitely be easy to use. 

I could just bake away all day with all my spices easily at hand.  My daughter loves to make banana bread, cinnamon raisin sweet rolls, pumpkin pancakes.  I imagine she would bake more often if our spices were more accessible.  The rack would also have to be very organized.  I hate having to search for something.  Have you ever bought a new container of cinnamon or ginger, only to find out you still had one!  I am beginning to think of gingerbread!  Anyway, perhaps I will order myself a new kitchen spice rack.

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