Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Some Simple Shaving Tips

Hi Neighbors!

Today At the Fence we are going to share some shaving tips!  This post is for the men in your life.  Now, we travel a lot!  So, my husband has to pack a travel kit for shaving.  He preaches, and although he has a beard, he still has to keep a neat appearance, so he shaves his neck area, under his chin.  He also has to do a little shaving on the cheek area, just to keep it neat. His travel kit consists of a good razor (not one that I have previously used!), a good travel size shaving cream, and after shave.  Sometimes we include a moisturizing lotion for those times the skin is extremely dry.

On to the tips. He always starts with warm water.  Never cold and never does he dry shave!  I personally tried dry shaving one time in the Florida heat.  Not a good idea at all!  Anyway, start with applying warm water to the areas to be shaved.  Then he applies the shaving cream liberally.  In times of dire need, like I forgot to pack the shaving cream, he will use a really good moisturizing liquid soap. (Usually mine!)  He shaves with short even strokes.  When he is done, he rinses with warm water, and inspects to make sure he did not miss any areas. Pat the shaved area dry.  Rubbing dry has a tendency to irritate the skin. Then he will apply the aftershave lotion, or moisturizing lotion.  Depending on which one is needed most. 

So here are the tips to remember:

1.A good razor

2. Always use warm water.

3. Apply the shaving cream liberally.

4. Rinse thoroughly with warm water.

5. Pat dry, do not rub.

6. Apply aftershave or moisturizing Lotion.

7. Now go give your wife a kiss!

6. Apply aftershave or a moisturizing lotion.

Have a tip of your own?  Leave a comment.

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