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Shirley's Pre-packaged Crafts Review and Giveaway

Hello Neighbors,

This is a great idea for both moms and grandmothers.  Shirley's Prepackaged Crafts, sends out boxes of crafts for you to work on throughout the month with your preschooler.  Although I think even some slightly older children would have fun with this!  I received the October box, that came with 12 crafts.  Everything you need is included, other than the glue, glue sticks, scissors, crayons/markers, and tape.  Which most of us have in the house anyway.  It's just finding them when you need them that is hard!  And, the package I received had ideas for reading and snacks included.  Talk about easy.  All you have to do is follow directions!Since Shirley's Crafts order deadline is the 15th of each month, I just chose a couple of projects to complete for the review, so you could get an idea of the crafts, just in case you want to order.  So, if you want the November crafts, you have to order by Oct. 15th.  December crafts would need ordered by November 15th and so on.  November's box is $18.00.  You can purchase 3 months at a time for $52.50 (Nov, Dec, Jan), or the remainder of the school year (Nov-May) for $119.00.  The price includes enough materials for 1 child to make 12 crafts a month.

Cutting out the pieces.
This is great for a home-schooling mother to have on hand for a pre-schooler who wants to start school like their older siblings.  It is also a great idea for grandma to do when the grandchildren are visiting.  Why not do a project together?  Nowadays a lot of pre-schooler are put in front of a television to be entertained, why not make their time fun and interact a little.  Each craft only takes about 15-20 minutes.  Add your snack and reading a book that relates to the craft and you have a great half hour!  These crafts are so simply designed, that an older sibling could even assist with one.

Nice looking Dump Truck!
Like the colors?
There is a line to put their name on each craft sheet.  Included is a certificate for you to fill out for your child when you catch them doing something good!  Fill it out and let them hang it up!  They can tell their brothers, sisters, and even dad when he gets home!  One other item is a calendar for the month where you can mark down activities like, birthdays, AWANA, ball games, etc.

Our finished Strawberry bowl.
Christopher Columbus' boat!
Each of the crafts is fun and easy.  We put together a dump truck, created a picture of Christopher Colombus' boat, and put some strawberries in a bowl.  Each craft encourages your child in a simple skill, such as coloring, cutting, following directions, etc.  This is definitely a great idea!

 One neighbor will receive a box of crafts from Shirley's Prepackaged Crafts.  Moms and Grandmothers be sure to enter!  Giveaway will end 10/13 so the winner should receive the November Crafts.


Steph said…
I am a mom looking for crafts to do with my kids.
Amy W. said…
I'm a mama. cwitherstine at zoominternet dot net
I am an aunt who would love to do this with my nephew!
I'm an aunt, and I have friends with little kids!!

lauren51990 AT aol DOT com
vmkids3 at msn dot com
slb3334 said…
I am an aunt.
Kimberly said…
I am a Grandmother who has a three year old granddaughter who loves crafts!
Amber said…
I'm an aunt looking for fun crafts to do with my niece when I babysit!
Thank you for the giveaway :)
I am a mom looking for great craft ideas. Thanks for the giveaway:)
bored2quickly said…
I follow your blog on GFC, subscribe to your email and like you on Facebook! I am a mom who would absolutely love to win this for her kids! Thanks so much for the fantastic giveaway!
Renee Walters
Brooke R. said…
A mama who would love to do this with my kiddo!
b dot ringer at hotmail dot com
degood said…
I am a mom looking for crafts for my 3 and 5 year olds.
Anonymous said…
I'm an Aunt looking for a craft to do with my nephew.
Anonymous said…
I am a God Mom of a preschooler
Unknown said…
I am a mom and a brownie leader I am always looking for crafts
Anonymous said…
My mom is doing a pre-pre-school for my daughter and 3 other children this year and this would be perfect for them.
daniel healey said…
I am a father, looking to do these with my 3 year old son.
Casey said…
I'm an aunt! I have 6 nieces and nephews and I'm always looking for fun things to treat them to!
mommy2one126 said…
I am a mother looking to do crafts with my daughter! :) She loves crafts!
Anonymous said…
I'm a mother of an adorable little girl who loves doing crafts.
annies home said…
I am a grandmother and an aunt have nieces, nephews and grandchildren in this age group all love crafts
Anonymous said…
I'm a grandmother and my grandkids would really enjoy this!
Becky said…
I am a grandma and the kids stay with us four days out of the week. My son and his exwife share custody and I love spending the time with them.


dbkagrayson2002 at gmail dot com
Unknown said…
i am a mother looking for craft ideas
Ericka said…
I am a mother looking to do crafts with my daughters
ericka082 at gmail dot com
I'm a mother with sons
Diane Baum
susansmoaks said…
i am a mother who loves to do crafts with the kids
susansmoaks at gmail dot com
Kimberley Meier said…
I'm a mom to 3 kids ages 11, 6, & 4. They love making stuff!

Kimberley Meier
momof3chaos at yahoo dot com
c allen said…
i am a mom and my daughter and i would enjoy these crafts together, clallen at ntin dot net
Clair Shumack said…
I am a mom and my daughter loves doing crafts!
Unknown said…
mom to 2 that would be great to have
kendraco22 at yahoo dot com
Coolestmommy said…
I'm a mom to a preschooler (and an early elem) who would love to do these crafts!

coolestmommy2000 at gmail dot com
Anonymous said…
I am an aunt of 2 preschool aged girls and they love to color and do crafts with me!

Desiree Dunbar
maria g said…
I'm a mommy to a preschooler who is very creative and I know would love these crafts!

hookedonafeline999 at yahoo dot com
Justin said…
I'm a father who wants to encourage my son's artistic side in as many ways as I can :)

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