Tuesday, October 25, 2011

ICON Solo Flashlight Review

Gift Guide Post #9

Hello Neighbors! 

Looking for a great little gift for your husband, son or son-in-law?  Look no further!  The ICON Solo flashlight is the perfect gift.  Weighing only a little over 2 ounces, and with a handy clip, the ICON Solo is perfect.  The Solo is 5.5 inches long and runs on 2 AAA alkaline batteries.  It is a sleek, pen-shaped, aluminum body, high efficiency LED flashlight.  My favorite feature is the low or high setting.  If you only need a little light use the low setting.  Need more light?  Change over to the high setting.  These would make a great little light for reading, finding that missing object you just dropped, or even finding the keyhole.  Whatever your need for a flashlight may be, you will find the ICON Solo up to the job. 

My husband and 2 sons are headed out camping soon and I think my ICON Solo will be going along too!  I have a feeling it will be getting a lot of use after dark.  I hope I get it back again, but I don't think I will! 

You can easily carry an ICON with you where ever you go.  Stick one in your glove box, put one in a drawer in your kitchen, carry one in your purse, any place you might need a flashlight.  Be sure to add the ICON Solo to your gift list.

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