Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Hello Neighbors!

Well we are on a road trip to Texas and Roswell, New Mexico right now and it was getting really chilly out last night. It was 50 degrees just about  perfect weather for hoodies.  I have found out that they work in the worst weather too.  How about boys hoodies? They work great and look great!  The hoodies are just the thing for a boys for a birthday present.  You can get a boys hoodies in all diferent colors, blue, green, black, etc. or get one for your hubby.  You might even get one for yourself. Some hoodies have zippers and then other ones you can pull over your head, I prefer the ones you zip over the ones you pull on over  your head. I think they are the best but that's just me. My one daughter likes the pull on ones best but not me, I hate pulling them on and off. So, with fall coming on you might want to head over to a store that has them and pick some hoodies out for your family.  WooHoo I love the fall weather!  Hoodies and all!

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