Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Graphik Canvas Review

Gift Guide Post #11

Hi neighbors!

One more great gift idea today!  Graphik Canvas now does downloadable digital files, so you can then print them off for yourself, use on Facebook, use on a greeting card, etc.  It is a really unique gift idea.  I chose a picture of my 2 daughters, and then they did their thing and sent it back to me in a pencil sketch theme.  It actually turned out nice!  A very interesting and unique idea.  The themes available are: Sumi-e, Extreme Splatter, Light Explosion, NYC Stencil, Grunge Pop Art, RGB TV, Color Halos, Pencil Sketch, and Paint Reveal.  You can see samples here.
They were being funny in the vehicle.
Not sure exactly why the silly face, but they were having fun with each other.  They have a tendency to do this when they get bored traveling, so I never know exactly what I will find on my camera when I download pictures!

Graphik Canvas is offering neighbors At the Fence 15% off by using the code graphik15.  The code is good through the end of the year. So, if you think this would be a neat gift idea, be sure to visit their website and see what they have.  Have a GREAT night and we will visit At the Fence again tomorrow!

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