Friday, October 28, 2011

Lefty's Left-handed Store Review

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Hello Neighbors!

If there is a left-handed person in your home, you need to visit Lefty's!  This is a left hand store!  I wish there was one of these as I was growing up!  They have the world's biggest selection of left-handed products.  I received the Left-handed Back to School Wide Ruled Notebook Set ($35).  This is sooooo.. neat!

Pencil Case

2 Pencils

Pencil Sharpener


Let me describe the set to you.  The 4 notebooks are spiral bound and open from left to right.  So nice to not have your hand resting on the spiral as you write!  The scissors are left-handed, with the blades reversed, so your child can actually see what they are cutting.  The grips are set up for left-handers, so they are comfortable to use.  The pencil sharpener turns sharpens counter clockwise to make sharpening the pencils easier and more natural.  The pencils also read properly when held in the left hand.  The ruler measure from right to left, to make measuring easier.  Also included is a Lefty's Pencil Case, a little tote bag, and a Lefty's Keychain! Another nice feature is Lefty's products almost all have the left-hand logo, so it is easier to identify your belongings.  I mean how many other students have left-handed school supplies!

Right to Left

I really like these!

I have 2 left-handed children who really appreciate these products.  They make life just a little easier.  Besides, only left-handed people are in their right minds you know!  My daughter loves being able to use these scissors.  She can cut along lines much better with them.  And I personally will probably use one of the notebooks.  Why there are not more items like this available?  I do not know.
4 notebooks came in the set.

Lefty's Logo
I personally would love to try their Left-handed Calligraphy Set.   They also carry kitchen tools, manicure sets, garden tools, etc.  I never realized all that was available for left-handed people.  There are t-shirts and mugs available for that special left-hander in your life.  This would seriously make a great gift idea.  I would have loved to receive supplies specifically for me!  So be sure to visit Lefty's and see if they may not have a gift idea for you!

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Coolestmommy said...

Thanks for the great information. My mom is a south-paw and we're always on the lookout for things to make her life easier. I've found some Christmas gifts today.