Tuesday, October 18, 2011

FATHEADZ Glasses Review

Grand Gift Guide Post #2

Hi Neighbors!

We are having a beautiful time here in Roswell, NM.  My husband is preaching through Wednesday, and I will be doing a ladies meeting Wed. afternoon.  Love visiting with friends!

 Now, I am so glad I received my FATHEADZ Sunglasses before coming here.  It has been sunny and hot!  I don't know about you, but I always have trouble finding glasses, both sunglasses and reading glasses that fit right.  Often they are too small.  (I guess I have a big head!)  Anyway, that is not a problem with Fatheadz.  I mean everyone has a different size head, right?  That is why hats come in different sizes, so why not glasses?

Yes, mine are for men, but I love them anyway, and I am NOT sharing!  I received The Boss.  Their Description: "The Boss, A Tortoise Shell TR-90 frame with black lenses is sure to look great on big heads. TR-90 is a tough, chemical and stress-crack resistant plastic. The Boss has Impact Resistant lenses and a frame width of over 6 inches! These great looking oversized sunglasses will say “You’re the Boss!”  They both look and feel great!

I also received a sample pair of prescription glasses.  I only wish they were the +1.50 reading glasses I need.  They are by far the most comfortable fit I have ever had in a pair of glasses.  These are the JD.  Here is their description: "One of our widest oversized prescription frames. J.D.’s are  6.3 inch wide with a brushed metal frame, Gunmetal in color, with Tortoise Shell Zyl temples. They also feature Spring Temple Hinges and Adjustable Nose Pads."

According to my source, in Dec., 4 new optical and 6 new sun styles will be sold online and in Walmart Vision Centers in the US and Canada.  Fatheadz are priced from $29.95-$79.95.  There is also a women's line from Fatheadz, DEA.  These will be available online, and so sad to hear, only in Canadian Walmart Stores December 1.   So make sure to check them out online, and once December hits look for them in Walmart. Believe me these are a great gift idea for anyone who has trouble finding glasses that fit properly.  Be sure to follow Fatheadz on Twitter and "like" their Facebook page so you can stay up to date on their products!


Jessica said...

Just stumbled upon your blog from the Dining Dash post, you have a new follower! I look forward to reading more of your posts. If you have a moment I would love a follow back. Have a great week!

Jessica @ Just Jess

Emman said...

I like the frame. I hope to buy one at EO. Thanks for giving me this inspiration.