Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Address Plaques

Hello Neighbors,

We are leaving tomorrow morning for our trip West!  We have a meeting in New Mexico and we will also be visiting Texas and some friends on the way.  We have been pretty busy packing but I wanted to check how my Neighbors At the Fence were doing so I decided to come out for a couple of minutes.

I have been looking at the different kinds of address numbers or plaques you can get.  I have seen some really nice ones and I thought about replacing ours.  You really can't see it from the street. I would love to pick a new one out.  I like that there are alot of different styles.  It is great that you can choose between a hanging plaque, wall plaque, or lawn plaque!  So many choices!  I think I would like a wall plaque the best. I found a red and gold one that I think would look nice.  The outside of our home is trimmed in a dark red. I also found a black and white one that has a cat on it.  M likes that one best.

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