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Spice Racks and Baking!

Hello Neighbors! Something about cool weather makes me want to bake.  To warm the house and fill it with the smell of fresh baked goods, bread and spices. We have 2 spice racks in the house, but I would like to replace one of them.  I am not sure if I want a wall spice rack or not.  It keeps them up and out of the way, and they are not cluttering your counter tops.  But..I like having my spices and seasonings close and easy to use.  A spice rack that sat on the counter and revolved would probably be nice.  It would definitely be easy to use.  I could just bake away all day with all my spices easily at hand.  My daughter loves to make banana bread, cinnamon raisin sweet rolls, pumpkin pancakes.  I imagine she would bake more often if our spices were more accessible.  The rack would also have to be very organized.  I hate having to search for something.  Have you ever bought a new container of cinnamon or ginger, only to find out you still had one!  I am beginning to think of ging

Kidz Med Vera Temp Non Contact Thermometer

Gift Guide Post # Good day Neighbors! We had a great weekend!  Spent time together, worked in the yard, and added a new puppy!  Yes, we are insane!  We have decided to raise Shelties, so we found a female who is so adorable!  The male is a tri-color and she is a sable and white.  I will post some pics soon. We have had some fun experimenting with this new product and I am sold.  How many times have you tried to take the temperature of a fussy child who doesn't want to hold still long enough to use a regular thermometer?  I used to hate using a thermometer on a baby.  So now that my children are grown enough, what do I find?  A Non-Contact Thermometer, Vera Temp by Kidz Med ($35-$40). You point it at the child, I used their forehead, about 2 inches away, press the button and within seconds you have an accurate reading of your child's temperature.  You don't need to wake them if they are sleeping, just point, press, and you get a reading.  It also has a built in mem

Puppies or Babies? Which is Cuter?

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Puppies vs. Babies for SocialSpark . All opinions are 100% mine. Hi Neighbors!   I found a contest going on and thought you might like to vote and have your say!  It is a  Puppies vs. Babies online contest   where you get to place your vote!  How many times do you see calendars of cute little babies or pudgy little puppies and hear someone say, "Awww, How cute!"?  I have to be quite honest to me babies will always be cuter, but there are some cute puppies out there.  I carry around pictures of my babies, not my puppies.  Then again, I am one of those who purchases a puppy calendar each year because they are so cute.  So, it's  Puppies vs. Babies   and you get to help decide. Make sure you stop by the site and vote on your favorite.  I would appreciate if would leave a comment and let me know who you would vote for.   I went and watched some of the videos, and they are

Kidorable Review and Giveaway

Gift Guide Post # 16 Hello Neighbors! Wonderful day out here At the Fence!  I am enjoying the great weather... and my daughter wants it to rain!  She wants to wear her new Kidorable raincoat.  It is so adorable... Kidorable !  It is the Houndstooth.  It is just what my daughter desired.  Pretty and feminine!  It is a black and white with pink accents.  There is a cute little matching belt and a detachable hood.  Just look at the pictures! Above - Here she is with her new raincoat! Above - Here is the hood. Above - This is one of the flowers on her raincoat.  So pretty! Above - Here is a picture of the matching belt.   Kidorable has so many amazing items that would make great gifts. My only problem?  I really wish the Houndstooth boots came in my daughters size.  I am thinking about ordering her the matching umbrella as a special gift. Above - Here she is holding the detachable hood in her hand! I LOVE my new raincoat from Kidorable!  They

Blue Sky Scrubs

Hi Neighbors! I wanted to share Blue Sky Scrubs with my neighbors here At the Fence!  Blue Sky scrubs has all the scrubs you would ever need!  Now, I personally love wearing scrubs as tops, and I am not in the medical field at all!  Except for taking care of minor cuts, scrapes and bruises at home.  With 6 children, I do have some experience at this!  I just like them because they are so comfortable.  I started wearing them years ago when my husband was a dental tech.  I had to wash them, and just decided to try wearing a scrub top one day, and I was sold. I loved wearing them to bed, and they work for when you are cleaning house.  Blue Sky Scrubs also carries stretch polos.  I have never worn one, but they sure sound nice.  Their line contains, jackets, shirts, lab coats, hats, and accessories.  So if you need scrubs, or just want to try them out for comfort, try . They have so many styles available.  And I was amazed to find they carry scrubs for chil

Lefty's Left-handed Store Review

Gift Guide Post #15 Hello Neighbors! If there is a left-handed person in your home, you need to visit Lefty's !  This is a left hand store!  I wish there was one of these as I was growing up!  They have the world's biggest selection of left-handed products.  I received the Left-handed Back to School Wide Ruled Notebook Set ($35).  This is sooooo.. neat! Pencil Case 2 Pencils Pencil Sharpener Scissors Let me describe the set to you.  The 4 notebooks are spiral bound and open from left to right.  So nice to not have your hand resting on the spiral as you write!  The scissors are left-handed, with the blades reversed, so your child can actually see what they are cutting.  The grips are set up for left-handers, so they are comfortable to use.  The pencil sharpener turns sharpens counter clockwise to make sharpening the pencils easier and more natural.  The pencils also read properly when held in the left hand.  The ruler measure from right to left, to m

My Memories Suite Review and Giveaway!

Gift Guide Post #14 Hi Neighbors! Are any of you into scrapbooking?  We have recently started, so I was overjoyed to get a chance to try out My Memories Suite.  It is really a lot of fun.  It is digital scrapbooking software.  I also received a $10 credit to purchase extra pages and designs.  We are still in the experimenting stage, but this program is so easy to use.  You can add buttons, pins, bows, and other embellishments.  It is so much fun to start out with a background page and start designing.  You can design some really unique gifts with this program!  I am sure some family members would love a scrapbook.  Can you tell I LOVE pinks? Above is one of the pages I did while playing around.  I am really having fun!  I think I could really enjoy digital scrapbooking.  Not to mention you can make pictures for your walls, for gifts, greeting cards, I am just beginning to think of new ideas to use the My Memories Suite program for.  You can also make videos, but I h

Educational Insights Review and Giveaway

Gift Guide Post #13 Hi Neighbors! These items are great for the student or homeschooler in your life.  Or maybe there is a teacher you know who could use one of these.  Because I received these so late, and then we took a trip, instead of doing all 3 of these individually, I have chosen to do them together.  So, there will be 3 winners.  The first winner will have first choice, second will then choose from the 2 remaining and the third will receive the last one left.  No matter which one the winner receives, I know you will like these items! First up is the No Yell Bell.  This is unique, and could actually be used in a home situation also, not just teaching.  Have you ever needed to get your child/children's attention?  This will do it!  And in a fun manner!  Do you teach Sunday School or any class of children?  Then this bell is for you!  You put in your 4 AAA batteries, choose the sound you like and ring your No Yell Bell.  The sound choices are a buzzer, a trumpet,

Next Day Flyers Business Cards (250) Review and Giveaway!

Gift Guide Post # 12 Hi Neighbors! Great to see you out again!  We have been so busy here At the Fence preparing and writing for the Gift Guide.  We have amazing products this year to share with you, and here is one more!  Next Day Flyers sent me 250 business cards.  I was able to go on their site and order and experience just what any customer will experience.  I have to tell you, they were GREAT!.  I actually got stuck at one point, and needed to upload another file, and I was so busy it took me 2 days.  They actually called me to make sure I had received their message about needing new files, and walked me through the process.  Not bad!  The cards are on 14 pt card stock, with a full color front, with a  blank or black and white back.  I chose to do them for my site. A nice picket fence on the front with At the Fence and the website.  On the back is all my contact information.  They did a superb job.  Turnaround time was fast.  From the time I finished placing the ord

Making sure our historic home is livable

Guest post written by Heidi Collins A historic home is all good and everything but if it doesn't have the normal modern amenities that are straight up essential for living in 2011. So when we bought a home that was historic, at least for where we live, I thought that it would be really great for us to live in. Then once we moved in I started realizing that I needed to bring the interior amenities to this century. There are all sorts of things that you have to worry about when it comes to a historic home. While I was online looking up some tips on how to improve our home, I ran across the site . I looked through it a little bit and after that I decided to use the service to make some remodeling adjustments around our home. For our historic home , we're going to make sure that our kitchen is up to date and install a dishwasher. It's something that has been essential for my everyday life and it's not going to decrease the value of

Graphik Canvas Review

Gift Guide Post #11 Hi neighbors! One more great gift idea today!  Graphik Canvas now does downloadable digital files, so you can then print them off for yourself, use on Facebook, use on a greeting card, etc.  It is a really unique gift idea.  I chose a picture of my 2 daughters, and then they did their thing and sent it back to me in a pencil sketch theme.  It actually turned out nice!  A very interesting and unique idea.  The themes available are: Sumi-e, Extreme Splatter, Light Explosion, NYC Stencil, Grunge Pop Art, RGB TV, Color Halos, Pencil Sketch, and Paint Reveal.  You can see samples here. They were being funny in the vehicle. Not sure exactly why the silly face, but they were having fun with each other.  They have a tendency to do this when they get bored traveling, so I never know exactly what I will find on my camera when I download pictures! Graphik Canvas is offering neighbors At the Fence 15% off by using the code graphik15.  The code is good through

Journals Unlimited Review and Giveaway!

Gift Guide Post #10 Hi Neighbors! Fall came in with a big blast today!  It is actually a little chilly out.  I LOVE this weather!  Hopefully everyone is having a good day today. Journals Unlimited sent me their Contacts Journal.  My husband has been needing a new address book, and this is perfect!  It has plenty of room for writing your entries.  Not only is there a space for name, address, and phone number, there is also a spot for cell phone, email, website, work address and notes.  And it is not all smashed together.  Nor is the space to write in microscopic!  This journal is from their Write it Down Series.  They have so many to choose from.  There are journals for trips, books, camping, golfing, teaching, gardening, etc.  There are also some for the men, fishing, hunting, hiking, motorcycle, etc.  And they come in three sizes; full size, mid size and mini.  So, if you need a small one to carry in your purse, Journals Unlimited has it!  Each of the journals has prompts