Monday, September 19, 2011

Want to Save Some Time and Money?

Saving time and money. Those are really two of the most important things, especially when you have a family. With school, all the activities, visits to friends’ houses and hundreds of other endeavors it gets challenging to save money. We are out so we go to a restaurant or buy something at a store out of an impulse. I have really tried to eliminate taking the whole family out when I need to buy things for the household. In fact, I make an effort to reduce all the trips that I have to make to the store. Online shopping has been the key. It really is a time saver and I can also save money. Take sites like On their site, you can get coupons for hundreds of online merchants. I tend to check out their most popular coupons and then head over to those sites to buy what I need. What I have found to be easier is the toolbar they have for Internet Explorer. What it does is show how many available coupons they have when I visit a merchant like Sears or Kmart. The toolbar highlights and it lists Kmart Coupons and Sears Coupons. Perfect! Now I can get the best deals online and save myself time and effort. Really, I would rather go the park with the kids than drag them around a department store all day. All that really does it create more headaches for me and cranky kids. Hope this helps, make sure to go online and check it out for yourself.
Monique Rowe is a guest writer for My and also writes about thrifty living and doing product reviews on her blog The One Income Dollar.

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