Thursday, September 29, 2011

Luther The Graphic Novel Echoes of the Hammer

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I just have to share this with my neighbors At the Fence!  As a general rule, I am not big on graphic novels, but when they did one of Martin Luther, my husband just had to see it.  He has a collection of items on Martin Luther.  The children all quote, "Here I stand.  I can do no other.  God help me. Amen."
My children's favorite quote!  My husband's too!
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This entire graphic novel, Echoes of the Hammer, is all about Martin Luther.  His life and his stand all the way to his death.  He turned the world on end with his stand, and brought about changes that are still in effect today.  The novel by Susan Leigh, illustrated by Dave Hill is 143 pages long.  It is filled with facts from both Luther's life and the time period he lived in.  Including his marriage to Katharina von Bora.  My 10 year old has a cd base don Katharina's life.  She loves it.  Many children today are so caught up in video games and today's high speed society that they have no time for great heroes of the past.  This is a great way to introduce your children to Martin Luther and the reformation. This graphic novel shows how Luther's stand affected the whole reformation.  There is so much information packed into this book, and it is obvious that much time and thought went into producing Echoes of the Hammer.  Every couple of pages there are little interesting tidbits of information, from enemies of Luther, his friends, the cities he was in, the leaders of that time, etc.  This makes a great read for both young and old alike.

Another nice feature is all the extra facts they give you regarding the reformation.  A timeline in the back will help you to put it all together as to exactly where each event occurred.  Helps you to put it into focus.

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You can purchase the graphic novel, Echoes of the Hammer on for $9.99.  Or at Concordia Publishing House.  My husband highly recommends Echoes of the Hammer.  He has his own copy!

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