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I Need Your Opinion

Hi neighbors!

I need your opinion. I am sure you have noticed that I used Rafflecopter for 2 recent giveaways, and I need your opinion. Is this easier or harder for you to use? Do you see anything positive or negative about using Rafflecopter. Please let me know and help me decide which way to go. Thanks!

See you At the Fence!


I like your previous system better only because we can tweet 3 times daily. Thanks
Darlene said…
Lori, I also like the idea of tweeting 3x a day but on the other hand I also like Rafflecopter as you know for sure you have entered the contest as it shows you that you did it already. Its a lot faster and easier to enter, and actually makes the playing field more balanced.
Sara said…
I love rafflecopter, you can always add the tweet daily option 3 times ive seen this type of thing on other sites. like that give you a entry for entering another giveaway they will add that option a bunch of times so that people can enter up to say 5 entries for entering the other giveaways. Either way I prefer rafflecopter and to be honest your site is one of only a few that i will still enter that arent using rafflecopter lol you have such great giveaways :D!
Pip444 said…
There are lots of sites not using the Rafflecopter. They have not worked all the bugs out yet. There are some people who get an error message when they try to use Rafflecopter, so they can't enter. Google Rafflecopter and you will see there are problems mentioned.
Kimberly said…
I like Rafflecopter, I think it makes things simpler.
Patty White said…
I like Rafflecopter a lot. Its so much easier to enter instead of having to scroll up and down to see what you have to do to enter.
Danielle S said…
I like using Rafflecopter, it makes some entries extremely fast to enter. I do tend to gravitate toward Rafflecopter giveaways than to comment entries. If I do do comment entry giveaway, I prefer blogspot blogs for entries, because I can post as fast as I like, unlike wordpress blogs.

One negative about Rafflecopter: With most blogs, my information is saved; my name, email, url; but with Rafflecopter, I have to re-enter my info each day, at each blog for my daily entries. But then, I just blame my laziness for this.
Unknown said…
I like rafflecopter best out of any way to enter giveaways.

I think that you can overcome the issues of the other posters that want to tweet more than once a day by putting three separate tweet entries under the daily section.

I love that I have everything right there along with the place to record my entry....I don't need to keep hopping from the post to the comment section.

Your site is much friendlier than many for giveaway entries, because you don't use the dreaded Wordpress which puts a timer on how quickly you can post comments and you don't use the dreaded captcha's either!
Unknown said…
I agree with @royalegacy though on the downside to rafflecopter, but I find that I can just use the down arrow in the common fields like name and email to quickly put the info back in, but I think overall rafflecopter is quicker because you don't have to keep moving up and down a post to do the entry then comment.
Barbara Montag said…
I'm all for raffle copter.
Much easier & faster.
Renfie said…
Frankly, I love Rafflecopter. I have occasionally had problems getting things to load, but that probably says more about the quality of my DSL connection than the program.
debbie said…
I don't like it. I have way too many problems with it. I have also seen alot of cheating on other blogs.
jayedee said…
frankly, i've started to pass on giveaways that do NOT offer Rafflecopter. i really like the new system!
Angie Bailey said…
Rafflecopter giveaways make tweeting and following much easier. Overall I like Rafflecopter. On my own blog, I've only used it once but I plan on using it more in the future but not on all giveaways at this time. I don't mind entering giveaways using this system though.
tannawings said…
I am split on rafflecopter. As a longtime blog 'contest' person and from following alot of blogs I think the old fashioned way makes it easier for us who know who does have 2 3 or more IDs are entering your contest (and can alert you to it) rafflecopter doesnt show all the entries. If you have a blog that tracks IPs thats a non issue but some blogs dont.

My other complaints with rafflecopter is it is buggy. When it goes down, it goes down hard.And as royallegacy mentioned the forms dont stay filled in- I wish they would take a lesson from disqus and let us register an email- then it is in across all blogs and stays in until we sign out.

I DO like initial entries- it is faster.

No clue if it is harder or easier for you bloggers to manage.

IMHO its up to the blogger if they keep it but I do wish they would keep info stored and it is way better than a captcha system or a slow wordpress!

You have a fairly fast site= while I am here I can comment. emter and have time to look around!
Sara said…
just an fyi for those complaining about having to type your info in everyday, i know that is something rafflecopter is working on. It sounds like they want to make it a system that you log into and it will remember your info for each site. This will also resolve the issue of it not knowing you have done some entries if you switch computers because right now its cookie based. When they are able to go live with the login system I think it will be really awesome!

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