Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sock 'n Boots Adventures Review and Giveaway

Hey Neighbors!

Here is another great one for the younger children!  Remember awhile ago I did a review of Sock n Boots Share?  Well, this is a compilation of 3 Sock n Boots stories along with a Sock n Boots coloring book.

This is adorable.  It is two friends, a gym sock, Sock and a boot, Boots who are friends.  They go on adventures and in doing so teach some lessons.  Sock appears younger and seems to get into more jams that he needs his friend Boots to help him out of.  In the first story, Sock n Boots Share, they go out to the park and take their lunches with them.  While they play someone (read the story to find out who), eats Sock's lunch.  When he becomes sad over this Boots shares his lunch.

The second story is called Sock n Boots Afraid of the Dark.  This one is really about Sock and how he overcomes his fear of going to bed when it is dark.  This is a great idea for younger children!  They can try it themselves.

Then we have Sock n Boots Play it Safe.  In this one Sock tries to play somewhere he really shouldn't, even after Boots tells him not to.  Learn what happens and how Sock learns to Play it Safe.

Last of all is the coloring book.  A fun activity for your child after you have read the stories to them.  They get to color Sock n Boots in some of the scenes from the stories.

Sock n Boots are really cute characters that your children are sure to fall in love with.  Sock n Boots teach lessons to help children without all the flash, action, and activity.  It is nice to see a book where the
 characters are not rude, crude, or "cool".  Sock n Boots gets a BIG YES from your neighbor At the Fence!  

From Sock n Boots:
"We hope that children, as well as adults, grow to love the Sock and Boots characters and the stories they tell. A love of reading starts at a young age and Sock n Boots are on a mission to make sure that children associate fun with reading, and learn valuable life lessons along the way.  About the Characters Sock is the younger and more mischievous of the pair. He is a playful and very emotional little guy. He is quick to look for fun but often finds trouble instead. It’s not uncommon to see him shed a tear or two when things get tough. His pal Boots always seems to be there to make him feel better and get him out of trouble.      The smartest little Boot you’ll ever get to know. He’s a little wiser than his younger friend Sock which makes them fit so well together. He’s all for fun but manages to keep a level head. Boots has a sweet tooth and can’t resist a nice big piece of chocolate cake. He is everything a best friend is supposed to
be.        For more information on Sock n Books go to: Or find us on Facebook:  Sock n Boots Stories                       To purchase the Sock n Boots compilation book ($11.00) with all three stories, go to:"
One neighbors will receive a copy of Sock n Boots Adventures, so be sure to enter for a chance to win.


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I think Sock is cuter. cwitherstine at zoominternet dot net

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I 've never heard of them before.

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I think boots is cuter.
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I have not read them or heard of them but they look super cute!
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I have never read or even seen this before

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I think Boots is cute!! said...

I've never seen or even heard of this before. said...

I think boots is cuter.