Saturday, September 17, 2011

Green Tea Daily Review and Giveaway

Hi Neighbors!

I hope all of you are enjoying some of this beautiful fall weather!  I know my family is.  We are on our way back from the Creation Museum.  If you have never been there I highly recommend it!

Anyway on to the Green Tea Daily.  As you all know I am a big tea fan!  Unfortunately, I know longer can drink my southern sweet tea.  :(  So I am obviously searching for alternatives. I found Green Tea Daily.  Green Tea Daily will help with weight loss and is supposed to boost your immune system.  Now being diabetic, that sounds great to me.

I received a box of 12 individual packets of a couple of different flavors.  The flavors I received were chocolate, raspberry lemonade, strawberry pineapple, creamsicle, and original.  The first ingredient in Green Tea Daily is of course premium grade green tea!  Imagine that!   Then they add super fruits, like; maqui berry, acai berry and noni.  And to top it all off they add calcium to create a super drink.  Finally you can choose from several different flavor.  Just add 1 packet to 8-16 oz. of cold water and enjoy.  I add my to a 16 oz water bottle. 

I can really use Green Tea Daily along with my change in diet and exercise. I need the extra energy it can provide and Green Tea Daily is healthy for me!

You can find Green Tea Daily on both Facebook and Twitter. If you visit here, you can purchase Green Tea Daily and find out more about their loyalty and referral programs.  You can enjoy Green Tea Daily along with earning for referring friends who purchase Green Tea Daily.

The Green Tea Daily Promise:

"Our intention right from the getgo was to create a green tea beverage that can do more than just quenching thirst. We wanted it to help us regulate a healthy body weight and gain healthy energy, and we did it. GreenTeaDaily stands behind every one of our product in every aspect, from the quality of our ingredients to the effectiveness of our beverage. We want to make sure that our products bring you the antioxidants and health-promoting properties that we promised in their entirety. This is and will always be the GreenTeaDaily promise--bringing you the best of green tea. And now, to health!"

This giveaway will be for a 60 count box of Green Tea Daily ($59.95).  I am sure the winner will enjoy it!


Miss Sara said...

I'd love to try: strawberry pineapple
Email Add: misssld2u (at) gmail (dot) com

~dab said...

I most want to try raspberry lemonade

Colleen Maurina said...

I would love to try their Raspberry Lemonade or Creamsicle!

colljerr at comcast dot net

Darlene said...

I would like to try the creamsicle flavor said...

The strawberry pineapple sounds delicious!

Bri said...

I'd love to try the Strawberry Pineapple

tarter95 said...

Hmmm..maybe Strawberry Pineapple.
tarter95 at hotmail dot com

Jessica W. said...

I'd love to try creamsicle! it sounds the most funky (besides chocolate) for a "green tea" flavour. I love drinking green tea, I buy it every day from Timmies. This would be an insane fun change :)