Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Get Paid to Blog

Hello Neighbors!

I am so enjoying this weather!  I am also having a great time blogging and staying in touch with my "neighbors".  I have to tell you in the 2 years At the Fence has been online, I have come to think of many of you as friends, even though I haven't met you, or talked to you. All I have done is seen your comments.  I love reviewing products for you and sharing what I have found, but I do need to tell you that one thing that keeps At the Fence going is when I get paid to blog.  I am sure you have seen some of the paid posts on here, and I hope you enjoy reading those too!  As a matter of fact I really appreciate those who leave comments on these posts and let me know that they are being read.  I do try to keep all paid posts family friendly and of some interest to my neighbors.

One of the companies I like to work with is Bucks2Blog.  They send out campaigns in an email, which you then respond to them with which ones you are interested in.  Sometimes they are only choosing 5 bloggers sometimes 20, it varies.  They are very prompt in paying!  I do get paid to blog by a few other groups too. It helps support the blog so I don't have to put advertisements all over.  And I love being able to have a little extra money of my own!

I really enjoy blogging and try to help others get started when I can, although some are only interested in making money, and when they find out you have to spend time first and build your blog, they drop out.  It has taken me two years to get At the Fence to where it is today, and sometimes I think it could be bigger if I worked at it more.  Then I remember, that I do this on the side of raising my family, homeschooling, and the ministry work we do.  Then there are times I think I ought to just quit, but I keep going and remember that I truly do enjoy blogging and besides that I have some really nice neighbors (followers).  So if you are interested in starting a blog, and eventually getting paid to blog, feel free to contact me and I will try to help in any way I can.  And a big thank you to all my neighbors who make At the Fence a success!

Disclosure: I did this post in a campaign sponsored by Bucks2Blog.

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