Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Exercise Equipment Needed

Hey Neighbors,

It is a nice day today.  It is getting cooler around here and I love it!  I have been doing exercise using the Tread Mill at our local Gym but I have been checking around because it would be nice to have some exercise equipment at home.  Then  I wouldn't have to go out every other day!  Not to mention it is a 40 minute ride.   I have been thinking about a gym bike.  One thing it would have to have is a back to it because my lower back still gives me some trouble.  I found one I like called the Stamina Folding Recumbent Steel Frame Exercise Bike.

Isn't it nice?!?  I also like it because it folds up.  That way I could un-fold it when I needed it and then fold it back up and store it out of the way when I was done! With six children in a home actually designed for maybe 4 or 5 we do have space problems!  Hence our re-doing the enclosed back porch into another bedroom.

 Another one I found interesting is a bike with a heart rate monitor.  This one is called the Stamina InStride Compact Lightweight Folding Cycle and is really neat!  

I like this because you can use it anywhere and it is for upper or lower body workouts!  And it folds up for easy storage or for traveling!  I would love to have this so that I could bring it with us when we travel and I would ALWAYS be able to exercise.  Like on this trip I missed two days of using the treadmill because of travel.  I hate that!

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