Monday, September 12, 2011

Cardio in a Box Review and Giveaway

Hi neighbors!

I am so excited!  We are going to look at a new vehicle today!  We had a small shuttle bus, the type that goes from a hotel to an airport.  With a large family and travel all the time, it was great, but difficult for parking and such, so we sold the bus and are looking at a Suburban.  I will let you know later if we get one.

On to the Cardio in a Box.  This is a sort of unique idea! Cardio in a box comes with a small lightweight cardboard box that you can sit on a corner of your desk, on a coffee table in your living room, maybe right next to your computer (so it reminds you to take a break and stretch).  There is also a small booklet with some exercises to do with your  Inside the box are 3 nylon Fitness Squares  for you to exercise with.  (The Fitness Squares are about the size of a handkerchief.) Yes, I said exercise! You do simple exercises throughout your day and work in 30 minutes of exercise.  Their website shows several exercises you can do with the Fitness Squares, many of which are short videos so you can actually watch the exercise being done.

This would make a great little gift idea for a friend.  You can purchase Cardio in a Box on their website for just $12.95.

Now, I will say I do not realistically recommend this be your only exercise, but I do think it is a great idea if you spend a lot of time sitting at a desk to stop and spend a little time throughout your day stretching, bending and moving.  Cardio in a Box with  Fitness Squares is designed to do just that, encourage you to move.

One neighbor will win her own Cardio in a Box.  Just continue reading to find out how!


Angie Bailey said...

I work two jobs as a medical transcriptionist so I sit for work at least 12 hours a day!

Stacy said...

Probably 4 or 5 a day.

andrea v said...

I'm a secretary and sit for about 6 hours

degood said...

I spend probably 6 hours a day in front of the computer and another 2-3 in the car commuting and driveing kids from school to activites.

♡♥♬ Raven In A Blue Room ♬♥♡ said...

I honestly can't tell - I know it's quite a few hours but chasing after and playing with 2 active kids I get fair share of movement

Thank you for hosting this giveaway

pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com said...

I probably spend about 5 hours just sitting around daily.