Wednesday, August 31, 2011

We Could Use More Desks!

Hello Neighbors,

I found a really girly looking gaming computer desk that would look great in my daughter's new pink and purple room! It is called the Legare Select No Tools Assembly Kids Wood Gaming Stand.

Wouldn't that look nice in a pink and purple bedroom?! I think so!

It would be great to have some portable desks in the home for our family. My husband could really use one so that he could wheel it from our bedroom out into the living room, etc. Then we wouldn't have to find his computer since he sat it at the dining room table and we have to find out where he put it last. The Office Star Kool Kolor Metal Computer Desk in Blue would be perfect for him!

It wouldn't be too small yet it would be big enough for him to have plenty of room. Then his computer would also be easy to keep track of!

I also found a Safco desk that would be great for us. It is called the Safco Metal Folding Computer Table in Gray.

We travel alot so this would be nice to bring along with us for when we need a table for the computer, projector, etc. And the nice things is that it folds up! How convenient.

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