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Ways to Deal with a Squirmy Baby

Good Afternoon Neighbors,

I was recently able to share some tips with a friend of mine on how to deal with that squirmy baby that just won't be still for changing time. You know, the one that is always trying to grab anything in reach or to flip over right in the middle of a diaper change. The same one that kicks over the baby powder or knocks things off the changing table. So here below are some tips to help make diaper time easier.

Use a distraction. Have a mobile hanging over the changing table, or some colorful pictures for baby to look at while changing his/her diaper. Make the changing area bright and colorful to hold the baby's attention. You can place decals on the wall by the changing area. If your baby uses a pacifier make sure to always keep one handy at the changing table. Keep a small bin or bag of little toys handy that baby can play with while you are changing his/her diaper. Small stuffed animals, squeaky toys, or rattles would be ideal. Toys with sound are helpful. For a little bit older baby, let them hold the wipe container or hand you the wipes and diapers.

Make changing time fun. Sing or talk to baby while you are changing the diaper. You could even tell a story. Sometimes I have talked through what I am doing just to entertain a baby during changing time. Always using a pleasant or sing-songy type voice. Some babies will prefer soft quiet songs while others will be distracted by your voice singing silly songs. If you are not one to sing or talk have a CD player nearby that you could turn on to entertain baby. Have cookies and teething biscuits nearby and sometimes these will be enough of a distraction to make changing time easier.

Occasionally lightly flicking baby's foot will startle him/her enough to lay still. My husband suggested duct tape but I really don't recommend this as a good idea. You have to realize that with our last two children I don't think he changed even one diaper!

Sometimes you just have to allow the baby to be squirmy and do the diaper change as best as you can. Remember we all have bad days.

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Unknown said…
Ha ha...duct tape. That would work, wouldn't it!?! Just kidding. Good tips!

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