Saturday, August 27, 2011

Try TracFone

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Hey Neighbors!

Have any of you ever tried TracFone?  We presently have 5 cell phones on our present plan with our cell phone company.  Mainly because we travel so much and sometimes go in separate directions.  We need to keep in touch.  The youngest who has a phone will be 18 the end of this month, so don't get too concerned.  Anyway, we have recently been wondering if there is a way to lower our phone bills, since we really only use all 5 phones when we are on the road.  Guess what?  I think TracFone could help.

With TracFone there are no contracts, no credit checks, no activation fees or cancellation fees.  No surprises!  This would work great for us, because some of our phones are only used about 5-6 months.  Also with TracFone you can choose a simple  "Candy Bar" or a "Smart" phone depending on your needs.  You can pay as you go online or with cards available at thousands of retail stores across the country.  This definitely is a benefit for real TracFone customers

Here is a video showing one of the phones available through TracFone:…

I am also including some real TracFone customers telling you about their TracFone experience.  There are so many features that make owning a TracFone a benefit.  From lowering your cell phone bill, to less dropped calls, to nationwide coverage and more.  TracFone is the only wireless service where you can call internationally for the same price as any other call.


You can get "Double minutes for the life of your phone" for only $19.99 but some phones include it! My neighbors should check out TracFone  if they are looking for a way to lower phone bills.  Maybe TracFone can help you.  If you already use TracFone leave a comment and tell me about your experience.

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