Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Some Really Nice Patio Furniture

Hello Neighbors,

This is a nice day to be out At the Fence for a chat. I found this really neat wrought iron garden chair that would be great to put At the Fence for my neighbors, to make our chats At the Fence even better! It is called the Pangaea Folding Iron Viefre Garden Chair. Doesn't it look wonderful!?! It would be great to have a couple out At the Fence for our visits!

There is also a Butterfly Chair that is soo cute! My youngest daughter would love to put this in her garden so she could sit out there early in the mornings and read her Bible. Now that would be nice! This one is called the Flower House Cast Aluminum Butterfly Chair in White.

Isn't that nice!? It is so feminine, like something my daughter would like. And it would be great near her garden. She could sit in it, while watering her plants. This company also has patio furniture clearance. We are always looking for things like that. We are kind of re-doing our yard. Putting up a Volleyball net, planting some Rose bushes, vines, etc. And we purchased a kennel for the dogs so they can't destroy the roses and other plants. They are mainly inside anyway!

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