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SLAPPA Review and Giveaway!

Hi Neighbors!

Remember last week when I mentioned there would be a SLAPPA review and giveaway? Well, it's time! Register here:

SLAPPA has some of the GREATEST CD/DVD cases I have ever seen! My husband claimed mine! I received a Hardbody Camo Pro 360CD case ($55.99). I love it! Only my husband loved it more! Hard to believe, I only owned it for the review. He stored almost all our hymn CD's along with some of his sermon CDs. This case will hold 180 CDs with the slip or insert or you can put 360 CDs in here. We did a little of both. The case is sturdy and so are the zippers. How many times have you purchased an item only to have cheap zippers that break and you can no longer use the product. That is not the case with SLAPPA. These cases are seriously well made!

Here is the technical information on the SLAPPA Pro 360:
The outer shell of the HardBody cases are made from Duro-Shock xEVA. A rugged (not rigid) material that protects your discs from fire, water and just generally being banged around. SLAPPA then laminates the the shell with rich fabric, so they look and feel great! The inside of the case is filled with their patented d2 Layered Pockets. These pockets allow you to store your discs and keep your covers! And each page is stitched, not sonic sealed to prevent tearing, like what often happens with standard CD pages.

As stated above these pages will hold 180 discs with their covers, or you can store 360 discs. Your choice how you want to do this. With a velvet lined interior, a spine labeling system, a disc cleaning cloth and their industrial strength zipper teeth and molded zipper pull, SLAPPA has put together one of the very best disc storage cases I have ever seen. (And we have tried several.) With a family of eight, who all have our own CDs, plus my husband preaches around the US and we keep his sermons on CD, we have a lot of CDs that need stored safely. The case weighs 4.5 lbs. empty and measures 18.5" in length by 13" in height and 4.75" deep. There is a sturdy handle for easy carrying and there are two loops on the back if you wish to attach a strap. And if you purchase your case directly from SLAPPA they double your warranty to 360 days. Not bad! I highly recommend SLAPPA to my neighbors At the Fence.

"Slappa is a world leader in innovative CD storage solutions. Our Patented CD cases, CD Sleeves and CD Storage Solutions are renowned for being the most stylish, versatile and durable in the industry. We are passionate about providing our customers with the very best CD Storage Solutions in the market and we are always improving our product offering. Our CD Cases, CD Sleeves and and CD Storage Solutions come with a 180-day warranty that provides the customer with repair or replacement of defective products. "

Now as if that wasn't enough, I also received 2 of SLAPPAS's padded sleeves for a laptop. One is the Black Diamond and the other is the Green Manalishi. I will describe the Green Manalishi ($24.99) first.

The Green Manalishi sleeve has a textured nylon shell, that is water resistant. It has two zipper pulls that allow you to open the case all the way around 3 sides. The zipper of course is industrial strength. There is a rear pocket for storage of papers or your cords. The inside soft nylon twill lining features the SLAPPA STRIKE print There is ample padding to protect your laptop, yet the sleeves are thin enough you can easily place them in another bag. I also appreciate the little elastic corner pieces so you can place them on your computer and in a hurry, just open the sleeve completely and use your laptop without removing the sleeve. Then when you are done, shut down, zip up and go. Nice!

Above:Outside Front

Above:Outside Back

Above:Molded Rubber Logo


Above:Elastic Strap on corners

The Black Diamond is designed just the same as the Green Manalishi, but has a diamond weave outer shell, and inside features the SLAPPA CREST. Both have the molded rubber logo patch on the outside front of the sleeve.

Above:Front Outside

Above:Up close shot of the Black Diamond

Above:Inside Black Sleeve

So neighbors, if you are looking for storage solutions for your CDs and DVDs you need to visit SLAPPA. Or if you need a new iPad, Netbook or laptop sleeve or case you need to visit SLAPPA.

Now the best news of all is SLAPPA and At the Fence have teamed up for a SUPER GREAT GIVEAWAY! Just click on this link:SLAPPA and At the Fence, which will take you to a page SLAPPA has created especially for this giveaway. The contest will end on 9/30 at midnight EST. There are 4 prizes.
1. A 15.4" Bulkhead Pro Laptop Travel Bag ($69.99)

2. A Damask White Padded Sleeve ($24.99)

3. A Green Manalishi Padded Sleeve ($24.99)

4. A TOMEI Laptop Bag ($89.99)

Just fill out the form at the bottom of the page with your email, first and last name, country, and which prize you would like to win. Then if you would tell everyone you know about this contest. I would really appreciate my neighbors help in making this one of the best giveaways ever!

Tweet this!
Enter for a chance to win 4 Grand Prizes from SLAPPA! @SLAPPA @Atthefence

Disclosure:I received no monetary compensation for this post. I did receive a SLAPPA HardBody 360 Disc Case and 2 Laptop Sleeves. All quotes are taken from the SLAPPA website or email. All thoughts and opinions are mine.


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