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Preparing for YourNew Puppy by Ellen Stieve Nu BowWow

First of all I would like to give a round of a paws for all puppy or doggy owners and those of you thinking about bringing home a furry friend. It can be a life changing experience. When I brought Yogi (my Goldendoodle puppy) home I was overwhelmed by the process of becoming a “nu” puppy parent. Yogi was my first dog and the future love of my life, but I needed help! I consulted veterinarians, trainers, groomers and experienced doggy owners to help me care for my nu puppy and be the best mom to Yogi. As I was doing my research, I thought, “wow” wouldn’t it be great if you could find all this advice and experience in one place. Out of that thought grew the inspiration behind Nu BowWow — crediting Yogi as a co-owner—and to create The Puppy Starter Kit: an “all in one box” solution to the challenges of puppy parenting.

I would like to share with you some of important tips I learned along the way regarding preparing for you new puppy.
Start out with the right attitude and adjust as needed! Please be patient with your puppy and keep your sense of humor. The first few months will be busy and challenging as you and your puppy both learn to get along, but puppy-hood is only a short period in a dog’s life. The hard work you invest in your relationship now will reward you with a best friend for many years.

Dogs are pack animals. They are unhappy when excluded from the family unit. Though
some circumstances may require dogs to live outside, most dogs will thrive in an indoor environment. Your puppy should have a dedicated area of the house—such as a crate or bed—that he knows is his own. This is where your puppy will rest and sleep, and where he will feel safe and protected. Make it a warm and cozy place in a draft-free corner, in an area near family activity. Your puppy should be restricted from entering certain rooms in your home until he’s better trained and more reliable. Install a baby gate or keep the doors to those rooms closed at all times.

Puppies get into everything! Safety-proof their environment. Preventing destructive and dangerous chewing is easier than trying to correct your puppy every second of the day. Look around the room from a puppy’s perspective for any items that would pose a choking threat: get down on your hands and knees and take a look at everything on the floor or in reach. Throw rugs, shoes, and misplaced items under a sofa or chair could all pose a threat to your puppy’s health. Look out for any loose or dangling wires and secure them properly. Remove any unsafe or breakable objects such as glass items, jewelry, and even pens with caps.

Puppies love to chew, so provide plenty of chewable toys. To save your furniture and
other valuables, apply a taste deterrent like Bitter Apple® (found in most pet stores) to
furniture legs, woodwork, and other immovable items to prevent chewing.

The Puppy Starter kit includes essentials for “nu” puppies, plus advice-packed Nu BowWow Puppy Survival Guide and access to online “Village” support community

Thank you Ellen for an informative article. Everyone be sure to enter the Nu BowWow Puppy Starter giveaway here At the Fence.


Amy W. said…
Thanks for this post. We are planning for a puppy and this has been helpful along with the Nu BowWow site.

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