Monday, August 29, 2011

I Should Have Portable Solar Power!

Hey neighbors!

I bet you would never guess that I would have a hard time without internet and my cell phone! Since I have started At the Fence I seriously need to have an internet connection. There are times when we are traveling and I realize my laptop is dead and we won't actually be pulling in anywhere where I can plug in to recharge. What do I do? Usually I just have to wait. Would solar power be a solution? That is possible. I really don't like it when I can't at least type the post ahead of time, so it is ready to go up when we arrive, so I am thinking perhaps portable solar power would help.

I also hate when we are separated from the children and my cell phone is dead. Here is how important my cell phone is for keeping in touch with my children. My two older daughters left for a trip with our pastor's family. They were going to a camp meeting for a few days. I think they were gone about an hour before I called to check in. They received 3-4 calls a day just to see how they were doing. Now for the big confession, they were 18 and 20. Isn't that horrible! They still laugh anytime we leave them to go on a trip because they know I will be calling shortly to see how they are doing. So, of course I need a way to keep my phone charged when we are traveling several days in a row. Now I guess you can see why I might consider portable solar power. I need to stay in touch!

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