Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Day He Was Born

Hello again neighbors!

Let me tell you about this great new web app called The Day Baby Was Born. Using this new app you can capture all the memories you want to share and don't want to forget. You can create a pregnancy journal throughout your pregnancy to share when the little one is old enough to read. Personal thoughts that you want to share with your baby, or create a special letter to welcome the new little one. You can also collect greetings and special wishes for the baby from your Facebook friends to add The Day Baby was Born. I certainly wish this was around for my children. I may go in and try to create one for each of them anyway.

I have 6 children, so sharing about the birth of one, it was hard to decide who to choose to write about. I finally decided on my oldest son. He would be my third child. The one in the air in the picture up above. The pregnancy was quite normal, no complications, or even morning sickness. I was working around the house the morning of Aug. 28th when my water broke. This is the only child where my water broke first. Anyway, I am one of those who does not immediately run to the hospital, so I gave my husband a call. He was at work approximately 30 minutes away. By the time he arrived I had called my midwife and was ready to go. The two girls were going to ride with us to the hospital where a close friend was going to meet us and keep them busy for awhile. Now, here is where the story becomes different. On the way we stopped at some yard sales. I was in no hurry to get to the hospital because my labors are always long. It was quite funny to see the looks on faces when my husband would tell someone that he would like to carry an item to the car so that his wife who was in labor could look at it. We did purchase a throw rug for me to sit on. (Remember my water broke!)

I was being seen by a group of midwives who worked with 2 doctors. Imagine my dismay to arrive at the hospital to find that a doctor was on call that day, not a midwife. He wanted to immediately start me on Pitocin to induce labor. I refused and asked to be allowed to wait. We tried some other activities to get labor going, but nothing seemed to work. Finally the doctor approached and said we had waited long enough and needed to get labor going with the Pitocin. Not fun! They were monitoring how J was doing and kept increasing the amount I was receiving. When they lost his heart beat, they dropped me down, found his heartbeat and started all over again. I do need to add that the doctor made the statement "I bet you wish you had just started Pitocin when you first came in." Needless to say, I started praying that my baby would wait until someone else came on.

My prayer was answered. Early morning on Aug. 29th the midwife came on and the doctor left! Yippee! Not long after the midwife came on, I gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Both his sisters were there to see him born, and my husband was able to cut the cord. And now he will be 18 the end of this month. My husband loves to share the story about going to yard sales on the way to the hospital. What a blessing he has been!

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