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Become Body Scrub Review and Giveaway!

Good Day Neighbors!

I just tried Become Body Scrub! It is great! I love how soft my skin felt after using the Become Body Scrub ($22). And the fragrance? Wonderful! It has Orange Oil, Sweetmint, and Green Tea Extract. The Body Scrub will exfoliate dead skin cells. You will definitely feel rejuvenated after using the body scrub. Become believes you should be beautiful both inside and out.

This scrub is gentle enough to use everyday! It has prune kernels which are all natural, organic and safe for the skin. Just put some in the palm of your hand or on your exfoliating glove and then rub in circular motions on damp skin. Rinse with warm water. They recommend following up with the Age Resistant Body Toner Moisturizer. This is perfect for summer to help keep your skin soft and moist during the hot weather.

You can see the scrub in the picture above.

Some information regarding Become:

"Become is an Australian company founded by Stephanie White, an international marketing and branding executive in beauty, wellness and women's media whose career started in Australia at the age of 3 while working in her parents' pharmacies. Stephanie's journey took her around the globe working in London, Paris, New York and eventually Los Angeles where she married and had two children. While juggling marriage, motherhood and a career Stephanie sought her own anti-aging solutions. She noticed again and again three things that were missing, not only for her, but for women everywhere:

Accessibility: If women didn't live in a major urban area, they had little direct access to luxury skin care or the opportunity to sample products.

Affordability: Top quality skincare was becoming more expensive and increasingly less effective - the value gap was immense. There had to be a better way to deliver luxurious products at an affordable price.

Flexibility: The struggle to balance career and family is universal and women were progressively being asked to sacrifice dedication to family for ambition in business. Stephanie aspired to create an entrepreneurial opportunity for women who wanted both flexible working hours and the ability to work from home. Become is dedicated to providing women with an opportunity to have balance and beauty while earning a great income. "

Also, if you are interested, Become has a home-based business opportunity. If you enjoy Become, you might enjoy selling Become. You can work from home and make a some extra money.

The winner will receive one full size Body Scrub and then 10 Weekender Sampler Kits will be given to the next 10 runners up. And if you are willing to provide email address, city & state you will receive a mini sample. Doesn't that sound great!

Mandatory Entry:Visit the Become website and then leave a comment here telling me about another product of theirs that you would like to try. You do not have to be a blogger to enter, but you must leave a valid email where you can be reached should you win. This giveaway will end 8/20 at 11:59 pm CST. The winner will be chosen using and will be notified by email. The winners will have 48 hours to respond. (USA Only)

Extra Entries:

1.Become a neighbor(follower). Leave a comment to let me know you did/do. 1 entry

2.Subscribe to At The Fence. Leave a comment to let me know that you did/do. 2 entries

3.Follow me on Twitter, At The Fence. Leave a comment letting me know that you did/do. 1 entry

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6.Leave a comment on one of my review posts(not a giveaway) Leave a comment to let me know which one. 1 entry

Disclosure: I received no monetary compensation for this post. I received a Become Body Scrub for this review. All quotes are taken from the Become website or email. All thoughts and opinions are mine.


janetfaye said…
I would like to try Day Screen.

janetfaye (at) gamil (dot) com
Kimberly said…
I would like to try the Day Screen
I would like to try the hand soothing product.
follow you on twitter - debijot
DEBIJOT said…!/DEBIJOT/status/100319449852280833
Anne said…
The day screen sounds cool
Anne said…
I follow you
Anne said…
I get your emails #1
Darlene said…
Another product I would like to try is Age Resistant Day Cream
Darlene said…
I follow you on twitter
Darlene said…
I tweeted - 1!/darleneowen/status/100365005207248896
Darlene said…
I tweeted - 2!/darleneowen/status/100365005207248896
Darlene said…
I tweeted - 3!/darleneowen/status/100365005207248896
Darlene said…
I left a message for you Empire RV Cover
DEBIJOT said…!/DEBIJOT/status/100375167666098177
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Unknown said…
the duo bronze/highlighter looks nice
Unknown said…
I subsscribe to your emails 1
Unknown said…
I subsscribe to your emails 2
DEBIJOT said…!/DEBIJOT/status/100693404253552640
Anonymous said…
I would like to try the Acne Solution Pack My email is billysundayfan[at]yahoo[dot]com
DEBIJOT said…!/DEBIJOT/status/100723801460981760
DEBIJOT said…!/DEBIJOT/status/100768462418362368
DEBIJOT said…!/DEBIJOT/status/100956172353417217
DEBIJOT said…!/DEBIJOT/status/101021137470898176
janetfaye said…

janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com
DEBIJOT said…!/DEBIJOT/status/101103251763638272
I would like to try the Exfoliating Face Wash
i follow you
im an email subscriber #1
im an email subscriber #2
i follow you on twitter, cakeordeath5
DEBIJOT said…!/DEBIJOT/status/101401730843021313
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DEBIJOT said…!/DEBIJOT/status/103167215049773056
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Darlene said…
DEBIJOT said…!/DEBIJOT/status/103276282632089600
DEBIJOT said…!/DEBIJOT/status/103644148594253824
DEBIJOT said…!/DEBIJOT/status/103662669474693120
DEBIJOT said…!/DEBIJOT/status/103681972798369792
I love the Duo Bronze Highlighter

Thank you for hosting this giveaway

pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com
I am an email subscriber

pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com
following you on twitter @left_the_stars

pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com
DEBIJOT said…!/DEBIJOT/status/103937441005707266
DEBIJOT said…!/DEBIJOT/status/103981879207800833
DEBIJOT said…!/DEBIJOT/status/104015844736118784
I like the Oil Control Moisturiser.
Follow on twitter @momof3dolls
This comment has been removed by the author.
This comment has been removed by the author.
DEBIJOT said…!/DEBIJOT/status/104303974760460288
DEBIJOT said…!/DEBIJOT/status/104361862757498880
DEBIJOT said…!/DEBIJOT/status/104396286152818688
Vanessa said…
I'd like to try the exfoliating face wash. momlovesdeals at gmail dot com
Amy W. said…
I would also like to try the Day Screen. cwitherstine at zoominternet dot net
Amy W. said…
email subscriber 1 cwitherstine at zoominternet dot net
Amy W. said…
email subscriber 2 cwitherstine at zoominternet dot net
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Darlene said…
I tweeted!/darleneowen/status/105063189963739136
Darlene said…
I tweeted Enter to win a Become Body Scrub @Atthefence
DEBIJOT said…!/DEBIJOT/status/105105477079273472
DEBIJOT said…!/DEBIJOT/status/105388766591582208

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