Monday, August 15, 2011

Announcement Time!

Hi Neighbors!

First off, I want to welcome my daughter Modesty to At the Fence! She is joining me as an assistant with this site and will be writing some of the reviews. We will be signing the reviews from now on and you will get to know her some through her writing. I really think this will work great!

Next here is a list of the most recent winners:
Farm Rich-Ellen
Numenko in a Bag-Danielle
YoYo Lip Gloss-Tabathia
Walmart Box Tops for Education $25 GC-Barbara
Franks Red Hot Sauce-Sally, Cheryl, Karen
Fraction Formula-Beckee
Mi-Del Cookies-Gianna, Nicole, Angela
Emerald Breakfast on the go-Cheryl
Aurora Neck Rest-Amy
Adventurous Girl's Handbook-Nancy
Addie Slaughter-Michele

If I missed anything let me know and I will get you posted. Thanks so much to all who entered and who help make At the Fence a success! And welcome aboard (a fence board of course) Modesty!

1 comment:

Barbara Montag said...

Thank you so very much!
And congrats to the other winners.