Monday, August 8, 2011

10 Tips To Prepare for Back to School

Hi Neighbors,

With the school year fast approaching I wanted to take time to share with you some tips to help prepare you and your children for back to school. Many of my hints are for home-schoolers, but will work for others also!

1. Visit your family Doctor with your children. Make sure your children start back to school healthy and physically fit. Your child's health can effect their school.

2. Since we home school we try to make sure to have healthy snacks and meals. A good breakfast will help your child start their day right. We make sure to have a healthy snack during the day like fruit and/or vegetables to snack on. And of course a healthy lunch!

3. When homeschooling it would be a benefit to have exercise at least three times a week. Allow your children to choose a sport or physical activity that they would like to do during the week that all of them would enjoy. We often play Kickball, Raquetball, and the children do Karate lessons. We have a really good Karate Class on DVD that the children learn from. Their father has also taught them archery lessons.

4. Make sure on school nights that they are getting to bed early and getting plenty of sleep. During the school year we only allow late nights on weekends so that the children are well rested for school. I have a couple that get irratible if they don't have enough sleep.

5. Try to replace soda and other sugar drinks with water and other healthy drinks. As a general rule we only allow soda and sugar drinks on the weekends. During the week we stick to water, some juces, and low sugar beverages.

6. A good idea for home-schoolers would be to take a break halfway through the day and go outside and take a short walk or spend time together outside. Take time to stretch a little.

7. At the beginning of the school year it is a good idea to do eye exams. Just in case your child's vision has changed any over the summer. With three people in our family that wear glasses a yearly eye exam is important, and right before school starts is a good time to get it done. It is also easy to remember when they are due for exams.

8. Cleanliness is also a good habit to get your children into. Teaching them proper care of their hair, bathing, brushing teeth, and washing their hands. All of these will help cut down on illness during the school year. Especially the washing hands!

9. Teach your child to cover their mouth when sneezing or coughing and to wash their hands as soon as possible so that they don't carry germs. Also to wash their hands before touching their snacks and food.

10. And as always especially with homeschooling make school a pleasant place to be. It is not all about the rules, help them to enjoy school and learning. This will promote a healthy environment for them!

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Unknown said...

Those are great tips! I especially like the tip about taking a break halfway through the day...that would be perfect for a wiggly pre-k child.