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MicroPro 48 pc Microscope Set Educational Insights Review and Giveaway

Hi Neighbors! A little hot here today At the Fence, so we are putting off volleyball until a little later this evening. We are hoping to get a light out there so we can play after dark, when it is cooler. I just keep thinking fall! Anyway on to this new product! I love this one! Especially for science class! Be sure my home-schooling neighbors to pay attention to this one. It is a MicroPro 48 piece Microscope Set ($39.99). It is recommended for ages 8+ or 3rd grade up. There are sharp edges for cutting on the scalpel, so keep this away from young children. Once again from Educational Insights ! The set contains: 1-Die-cast Metal Microscope 1-10X Eyepiece 1-20X Eyepiece 1-Scalpel 1-Spatula 1-Stirring Rod 1-Tweezers 1-Test Tube with Cap 1-Petri Dish 1-Pipette 3-Specimen Vials 3-Prepared Slides 8-Blank Slides 8-Slide Labels 16-Slide Covers And an Instruction and Activity Guide. What home-schooling mom couldn't use one of these. Or perhaps

We Could Use More Desks!

Hello Neighbors, I found a really girly looking gaming computer desk that would look great in my daughter's new pink and purple room! It is called the Legare Select No Tools Assembly Kids Wood Gaming Stand. Wouldn't that look nice in a pink and purple bedroom?! I think so! It would be great to have some portable desks in the home for our family. My husband could really use one so that he could wheel it from our bedroom out into the living room, etc. Then we wouldn't have to find his computer since he sat it at the dining room table and we have to find out where he put it last. The Office Star Kool Kolor Metal Computer Desk in Blue would be perfect for him! It wouldn't be too small yet it would be big enough for him to have plenty of room. Then his computer would also be easy to keep track of! I also found a Safco desk that would be great for us. It is called the Safco Metal Folding Computer Table in Gray. We travel alot so this

Are You Protecting Your Family?

Hi Neighbors, Ok, I have to be upfront and honest about this. My family would definitely be one of the families in the statistics that state, "70% of people with kids under 18 say that they would be in serious trouble if something happened to the primary breadwinner. And half of Americans say they are under-insured. That is 58 million Americans that do not have enough insurance. And with today's economy I don't see that improving. In our family we have started savings accounts for each of the children. Even $5 to $10 a month per child over 18 years will eventually add up. In our family you are looking at 8 children hence the $5 or $10. With less children you could start out with more. My husband is presently looking into health insurance. Thus far the Lord has really blessed us with a healthy family, but with both of us getting older, and I was recently diagnosed with diabetes, he believes health insurance would be a good option. Just seeing the medical

Giada De Laurentiis and Target!

Hi Neighbors! I don't know about your family, but mine loves pasta! I personally do not eat pasta now due to my diet, but the family was able to enjoy some Giada products from Target. These were really good! I received the Organic Galletti Enriched Macaroni Product, Marinara with Artichokes Pasta Sauce, Black Olive Tapenade, and Herb and Lemon Dipping Oil. Talk about a nice meal! We love to try different types of pasta anyway, so the Galletti was nice. Sort of ruffled along one edge. The sauce, according to my family was super. Very flavorful. I don't think anyone really cared for the Black Olive Tapenade, but not many in my family even like black olives. The Lemon and Herb DIpping Oil on the other hand was a great success! We knew we would like it just by the smell when you opened the bottle. Perfect for dipping warm Italian Bread. Hmmmmm! I definitely recommend these products to my neighbors here At the Fence. Yes, even the Black Olive Tapenade

Coleman Skinsmart Insect Repellant Deet Free Review and Giveaway!

Hello neighbors! As you know we have started playing volleyball a lot in the evenings since we finally got our net up. (Not me of course, but the rest of the family.) Anyway, I sit out to watch. We are finding it best to play around dusk, but that is also mosquito time. I think mosquitoes love me! We can be sitting around a campfire when camping and I am always the first one to get attacked. My husband actually thought I was faking it one night because they don't bite him. My younger daughters also attract them. Now I hate to use products with DEET, so I was really excited to get a chance to try the Coleman Insect Repellent SkinSmart DEET Free ! I received an aerosol can 6oz., a spray bottle 5 oz., and a package of 16 pre-moistened wipes. Each of these will work for up to 8 hours. That works for me, because I am seldom exposed to mosquitoes that long! So, I tried it the other night while everyone was playing volleyball and it works. Obviously do not all

Cafe Press Laptop Skin Review and Giveaway!

Hi neighbors! We have been having a great time here At the Fence, and there are so many super reviews and giveaways coming up! Let me share with you about two items I received from Cafe Press . The first is a magnet we chose for a pastor friend of ours. It is perfect for him. The magnet says "You Mess With Me..You Mess With The Whole Congregation." It has a silhouette of a church with people standing around outside. It would go great on our friends car, or maybe they will put it on their refrigerator. Who knows? Anyway, I hope we get to be there and give it to him, and not just mail it. The whole congregation will get a laugh out of it. The next item I received from Cafe Press was a laptop skin. This is something new there. I chose one with a bear and her 3 cubs, with a mountain in the background. I love it. It was reasonably easy to apply. I did have to peel part of it off more than once during the application because I kept slanting downward, but once

Preparing for YourNew Puppy by Ellen Stieve Nu BowWow

First of all I would like to give a round of a paws for all puppy or doggy owners and those of you thinking about bringing home a furry friend. It can be a life changing experience. When I brought Yogi (my Goldendoodle puppy) home I was overwhelmed by the process of becoming a “nu” puppy parent. Yogi was my first dog and the future love of my life, but I needed help! I consulted veterinarians, trainers, groomers and experienced doggy owners to help me care for my nu puppy and be the best mom to Yogi. As I was doing my research, I thought, “wow” wouldn’t it be great if you could find all this advice and experience in one place. Out of that thought grew the inspiration behind Nu BowWow — crediting Yogi as a co-owner—and to create The Puppy Starter Kit: an “all in one box” solution to the challenges of puppy parenting. I would like to share with you some of important tips I learned along the way regarding preparing for you new puppy. Start out with the right

I Should Have Portable Solar Power!

Hey neighbors! I bet you would never guess that I would have a hard time without internet and my cell phone! Since I have started At the Fence I seriously need to have an internet connection. There are times when we are traveling and I realize my laptop is dead and we won't actually be pulling in anywhere where I can plug in to recharge. What do I do? Usually I just have to wait. Would solar power be a solution? That is possible. I really don't like it when I can't at least type the post ahead of time, so it is ready to go up when we arrive, so I am thinking perhaps portable solar power would help. I also hate when we are separated from the children and my cell phone is dead. Here is how important my cell phone is for keeping in touch with my children. My two older daughters left for a trip with our pastor's family. They were going to a camp meeting for a few days. I think they were gone about an hour before I called to check in. They received 3-4 ca

al fresco All Natural Chicken Sausage

Hi Neighbors! Would you like to hear about a really great all natural sausage made from chicken? I received three packages of al fresco All Natural Chicken Sausage. I fixed all three packs the same night because with 8 in the family, two of whom are teenage boys, well ... that should say it all! I received the Spinach Feta (with a hint of Rosemary), Sweet Apple (with pure Vermont Maple Syrup), and Sweet Italian Style (with red and green peppers). All al fresco Sausages are made with lean, skinless chicken meat. There are no artificial ingredients like MSG, nitrates, preservatives or nitrites. And they are gluten free! I cooked them all up together, and each person was able to choose what they wanted. The Sweet Apple was the favorite of the three. This would make a very good breakfast sausage, it is sweet. Next was the Spinach and Feta. My daughter actually said this was her favorite. And the last was the Sweet Italian. The younger children did not care for

Try TracFone

This post brought to you by TracFone . All opinions are 100% mine. Hey Neighbors! Have any of you ever tried TracFone?  We presently have 5 cell phones on our present plan with our cell phone company.  Mainly because we travel so much and sometimes go in separate directions.  We need to keep in touch.  The youngest who has a phone will be 18 the end of this month, so don't get too concerned.  Anyway, we have recently been wondering if there is a way to lower our phone bills, since we really only use all 5 phones when we are on the road.  Guess what?  I think TracFone could help. With TracFone there are no contracts, no credit checks, no activation fees or cancellation fees.  No surprises!  This would work great for us, because some of our phones are only used about 5-6 months.  Also with TracFone you can choose a simple  "Candy Bar" or a "Smart" phone depending on your needs.  You can pay as you go online or with cards availa

Hill's Healthy Mobility Challenge!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hills Pet Nutrition for SocialSpark . All opinions are 100% mine. Hi neighbors! Taking a break from moving the younger girl's bunkbed to our back patio. We finished painting and finally were able to move the beds in. They are now redecorating to their hearts content. They want Webster our new Sheltie pup to sleep out there with them. He probably will since he is doing so good on his house-training. He is one of the easiest dogs we have ever had regarding house-training. I wanted to share with you for a minute about Hill's Healthy Mobility Challenge. There are 3 steps to taking the challenge.  First you need to register.  Next start feeding your dog Science Diet Healthy Mobility Dog Food, then share your success.  Track your dog's progress over 30 days and then visit the site and share your story.  By registering you will receive $30 in Hill's Healthy Mobility Coupon , and automatically be entered

Geo Safari Triceratops Dino Dig Review And Giveaway

Hello Neighbors, Here is another review from Educational Insights . The Dino Dig Triceratops ! This is a great item! This kit includes a Triceratops skeleton fossilized in a clay block, tools for you to excavate, wax adhesive to put the bones together, a stand to model your dinosaur on, and a guide book. Above - What comes in the Kit Above - Our Excavation site First you get your excavation tools and dig the fossils out of the clay. This took a long time. Then you use the wax adhesive to put the bones together and placet him on the modeling stand or pose him with other dinosaurs or models. We had alot of fun digging out this dino! Above - If you get the clay a little wet you can dig easier. Above - Here we are digging out a leg! (Here is one of the rib cages we dug out. Here is a little bit about Educational Insights : "Based in Southern California, Educational Insights , is the manufacturer of playful products with seriou

Kidlandia Review!

Hi Neighbors! I have been having a really great week! Still going to the gym and doing the treadmill 3 times a week, still dieting and losing weight (Yeah!), finished moving the room and getting ready for school again! Webster (new puppy) is doing really well on house-training, and summer will be coming to an end soon and I can enjoy my favorite season...FALL! Anyway, here is a really, really neat company! It is called Kidlandia ! You can designed personalized products here. My daughter was able to go on their site and design a placemat and a poster. She did the Hundred Acre Wood. We enjoy the old Winnie the Pooh book, so she was able to design her own little world in the Hundred Acre Woods on a placemat. You or your child are able to go on the site and name different places with the names of people in your family, relatives and friends. It really is a neat idea! She really had a lot of fun doing this! Then we were able to also get a poster of the