Monday, July 11, 2011

Top Ten Reasons Why I Would Want To Go To Virginia Beach

Here we are back At The Fence and I have in interesting topic to discuss today. You all know how much I like Social Moms and their writing posts. Well, today they have teamed up with the Virginia Beach Convention and Visitors Bureau to bring you ten reasons why Virginia Beach is such a great place. I am really happy about doing this post and I suggest you read through to see why I would want to go there. And maybe you can leave a comment at the end with a suggestion you might have.

My very first, top reason would be the lighthouses. I love lighthouses! And Virginia Beach has several to choose from, namely the Old Cape Henry Lighthouse. I would love to visit Virginia Beach to see this old lighthouse.

2.Nightly Walks.
At nighttime the beach can be such an interesting place. It is dark and almost eerie so it makes it more exciting. Great place to go and walk the beach.

3.Collecting Shells in the Morning.
We normally set our alarms early and drive down to the beach for a walk collecting shells. It is really fun to get up early and see the sun rise. Taking a nice brisk walk while looking for shells is a wonderful way to start your day early and on the go.

4.Wild Ponies.
Now, this is not actually at Virginia Beach. But my children love the wild ponies of Chincoteague Island. It is not that far from Virginia Beach so we could travel back and forth in a day easily. Everyone loves the old story of Misty and the girls think this would be most exciting.

Yep, downtown would have some lovely shops in which we could spend a while browsing and looking. Maybe even purchase something:) But I love walking through little, old shops that have many interesting items to buy.

6.Historic Churches.
With our family being in the ministry, we love visiting historic Churches. Especially ones that we have read about or know from a specific preacher in the past. An interesting one I found online was the Salem United Methodist Church. Looks like a grand old landmark!

We like to go to interesting museums and centers. Seems like Virginia Beach has quite a unique Aquarium that has lots to see and do. They also have an old Coast Guard Station. That sounds interesting!!

8.Military Aviation Museum.
Wowsa! I have a son who would LOVE this museum! He is all into planes and flying plus the military? This would make a great place for a trip. And I know I mentioned museums just above, but this one deserves it's own place:)

My one daughter loves wild animals and birds. I can't think of a better place for her to have a good time than at the Virginia Beach Zoo. They seem to have quite an array of wild animals and lots of exciting activities for children.

10.Hanging Out.
I love spending some time just hanging out together and talking. Sometimes getting away from the familiar is a nice way to get closer together and discuss things. Take walks and collect shells, fly a kite, or just relax. What a great time!

Again, let me know in a comment if you have another reason I would want to go to Virginia Beach. I don't do much in the water but love the beach area:)

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