Friday, July 15, 2011

Pool Safety Covers

Hi Neighbors!

Here is an idea to share with my neighbors. We recently purchased a pool. I am talking a smaller blow up type, yet large enough for the girls to play in. With summer here and children out of school, one of our concerns is having a cover on the pool for safety. Granted ours is only about 2 ft. deep, but still with children in the neighborhood, you can never be too sure. Our yard is fenced in, but there are three entry gates to the backyard, where someone could access the pool. So safety pool covers are a must!

The children love having the ability to go cool off during the heat we have been having. Although sometimes I wonder if the cleanup afterwards is worth the effort! The pool cover also keeps out dirt and debris. I told them we can not empty and re-fill the pool each week. Even though it is on the small side, it is still a lot of water. The first week we had the pool set up we had a storm pass through and between what ended up in the pool from the storm and the dirt they had tracked into the pool we had to empty, clean and re-fill the pool. A cover was next on my list!

Do you have a pool? Do you use a cover? Let me know in a comment!

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tannawings said...

Nope no pool here, but I wish more people did use a cover! I saw on TV a toddler had drowned in one of the blow up types- the kids had went over to a neighbors yard...
Pool covers are a good thing!