Monday, July 18, 2011

Men's Shaving Tips From My Husband

Howdy neighbors and friends At the Fence! I have a post today that is written by my husband. He has offered some tips and handy hints about men's shaving. I hope you enjoy the read! And make sure to check out the funny story at the end from me:)

1.Use a Correct Razor.
I like to use an electric razor. It seems to give a better shave and leaves my face feeling less irritated. This is just my choice of tool. I know others who do not like the electric razor but I prefer one. Make sure you keep the blades clean and sharp.

2.Start With a Clean Face.
I don't like shaving after I shower as it tends to leave beard hair all over me. And when I have to use a regular razor I always use warm water on my face. Make sure that you use enough water and shaving cream..

3.End with a Cleanser and Moisturizer.
I am not a big fan of men's smelly products. I always tease my boys about using their cologne and after-shave. But a good after-shave helps moisturize your face and soothe any nicks or stings. Also the wife really likes it!.

So, back to me, I know that this is not a lot, but trying to get shaving hints was not easy. I wanted to tell you a story a friend shared with me about the other day. We had been talking about this post and she told me a story about her younger brother and when he first started shaving. He came out of the bathroom and was talking about how his shaving was bothering him. When they asked about the problem, he said his legs were itching? Turns out he thought all men shaved their legs! Talk about funny. Just goes to show that some men need some help and tips in this area.

A sponsored post written by my husband.
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