Friday, July 22, 2011

Could You Use Portable Solar Power?

Hi Neighbors!

As many of you know we spend a lot of time on the road. Many times we end up in a campground and portable solar power would be quite helpful. Or we are in a location where there are no outlets nearby. I mean we have been at churches that have an outhouse out back. Between blogging, cell phones, and all the electronics that a family of 8 carries around I believe solar power would be a major benefit. Not to mention the times we have ended up without a power source at all. We spent one weekend in our camper with no power or water! We really felt like we roughed it!

I can also remember times that we sat in a tent without power, would have loved to have some power source. Or how many times have you pulled out a camera or camcorder, only to find the battery is dead and you have no way to charge them? Having portable solar power would have really made my day. We have actually gone to a restaurant and found a table with a plug nearby so we could re-charge a cell phone or camera. I am sure some of you have done that too!

Is a portable source of solar power something you might benefit from? Personally I always thought I would love to purchase some property somewhere and make it self sufficient. Solar power, our own well, a garden and raise our own animals, such as chickens, etc. Maybe someday in the future. For now I would be happy to be able to use solar power when necessary to charge our smaller products.

Goal Zero carries many kinds of solar power sources. Their products were originally aimed at people who had no power, or were on an unstable grid. Now they market their products to anyone who might need a solar power source. Take some time and check out their website if you are looking into going off the grid, or perhaps you just want the ability to use solar power to charge your laptop, cell phone etc.

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