Friday, July 8, 2011

Blue Sky Scrubs Review

Hey Neighbors,

I know when you hear the term scrubs normally everyone thinks of nurses and doctors, but I have to share something with you. My husband was in the Dental field at one time and of course I took care of his scrubs. I found that I loved to wear them! They are so comfortable! I loved wearing the tops around the house cleaning or even to bed. Anyway, if you are in the medical field and looking for custom scrubs you need to check out Blue Sky Scrubs.

Blue Sky Scrubs, carries a great many scrubs in different colors and sizes. They even have scrubs for children. And if you want an adorable gift for a baby, they have scrub sets for them too! What a great baby shower gift if the parent is in the medical field! Blue Sky Scrubs has shirts, pants, hats, and lab coats and they come in sizes from xxs-xl. You can even purchase gift certificates from Blue Sky.

If you visit Blue Sky Scrubs let me know in a comment what you think.

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E said...

wow these has a great selection! :]
thank you for sharing! :]

Gladys Parker said...

Great review! You covered everything but the price (which most reviews don't) and you did it in a clear and concise way. Not to long as to lose interest. I think it is great and if I needed scrubs I would have deffinately checked them out!
Gladys P