Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Back To School Style!

Hi Neighbors!

As most of you know, we home-school, so we don't do a lot of special shopping for school, but each of my children does have their own style! With 6 children to shop for (although you wouldn't call the older two children!) I have to keep in mind, a lot of likes and dislikes.

My youngest a 10 year old, loves bright colors! Hot pinks, brilliant blues, etc. The funny thing though is she is the same one who loves to wear fancy gloves, hats and shawls! She loves to dress up in frilly, lacy dresses and have tea parties. She loves the type of skirts and dresses that flow around her when she spins. If she could she would dress like that all day long. The more frills the better is her motto.

My 14 year old is more sedate in her style. She still likes feminine, but hers run more to blouses with skirts. She has a tendency to wear the layered look. And she loves short sleeve sweaters. Her colors are more subdued. Not that she doesn't wear pink, but they are calmer than what her younger sister would choose. She loves denim skirts that are full.

Both my boys on the other hand like to wear comfortable blue jeans or khakis, with polo shirts. Occasionally they wear a t-shirt with something printed on it, but generally they only go out of the house in a collared shirt. The 16 yr. old also likes to wear casual dress shirts, long sleeved, with the sleeves rolled up. For church my oldest son loves to wear a full suit, including tie. And he is not one of those that removes the coat when he gets to church, he wears it the entire time.

My older two girls are pretty easy to shop for. Both wear skirts and blouses and very seldom dresses. One has told me over and over that she doesn't like pink, but I have seen it creep in occasionally. She prefers blues and tans. My oldest daughter, likes a littler brighter colors, definitely not like the youngest would choose, but she does choose more colors than my 24 yr. old.

I love to shop for each of them, and bring home surprises, but I always have to stop and think for a minute if this is something that suits their style. Every once in a while I can find clothes that actually coordinate for when they sing together at churches. Hard, but not impossible.

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