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Do My Own Pest Control

Hi neighbors! This summer we have been having a real problem with wasps outside our back door. They have been building nests, and are constantly flying around out there. With six children and 2 dogs, I don't need anyone getting stung. Do My Own Pest Control was able to send us Wasp Freeze-Aerosol ($16.49) and Tempo 1% Dust ($24.90) along with the Bellow Hand Duster ($12.99) for inserting the dust into cracks, crevices and holes where wasps might be living. My husband decided to use this as a teaching time for the children. He showed them the wasp nests and we were even visited by a wasp or two while he explained what he was doing. After reading the directions out loud, so everyone heard the precautions and warnings, he proceeded to fill the bellows and dust 2 nests, along with a few openings we believed wasps were in. He used the spray on one of the nests where we could see a wasp, which fell to the ground immediately. It was nice too that you can stand a safe distance

Farm Rich Snacks Review and Giveaway

Welcome neighbors! I love visiting out At the Fence with my neighbors in the evening after it has started to cool off some. Isn't it funny that as children, the heat didn't seem to affect us, yet now, I sometimes hate even walking from the house to the car! We just finished our evening watering, so I thought I would share another product with my neighbors At the Fence. We were able to try the Farm Rich Breaded Cheese Sticks . My family loves them! Since we didn't have any marinara sauce, we heated up some leftover spaghetti sauce. They loved them! I couldn't have any because of my carb count for the day, but they sure smelled good. They looked great too! When they came out of the oven they were almost bursting open with thick gooey mozzarella cheese. I have to confess it was hard not to try one! I was able to purchase Farm Rich products at our local Walmart, and after the response these received, I have a feeling they will be on my shopping list next week! F

Encourage Your Children to Eat their Veggies!

Hi Neighbors, I have to start this off by telling you I was never made to eat anything that I said I didn't like. Unfortunately for my children, their mom is not like that. So here are 10 tips to help you encourage your children to eat more veggies. 1. First of all, we have a rule in the home, that they have to at least try any veggie (or other food) that is new. Or even if they did not like it before, they must try it again as tastes change. They are only required to eat a teaspoon sized helping. Having that ground rule in place from the beginning, they know that even if they don't care for it, they will only have to eat a very small portion. 2. I let them help find recipes that include the new veggie. Perhaps a soup, or casserole, that will at least hide the new veggie. Or a recipe that includes something that they really like, so the new vegetable will not be a big deal. It would amaze you what they can come up with! Also by seeing the different uses for the vegetab

Back To School Style!

Hi Neighbors! As most of you know, we home-school, so we don't do a lot of special shopping for school, but each of my children does have their own style! With 6 children to shop for (although you wouldn't call the older two children!) I have to keep in mind, a lot of likes and dislikes. My youngest a 10 year old, loves bright colors! Hot pinks, brilliant blues, etc. The funny thing though is she is the same one who loves to wear fancy gloves, hats and shawls! She loves to dress up in frilly, lacy dresses and have tea parties. She loves the type of skirts and dresses that flow around her when she spins. If she could she would dress like that all day long. The more frills the better is her motto. My 14 year old is more sedate in her style. She still likes feminine, but hers run more to blouses with skirts. She has a tendency to wear the layered look. And she loves short sleeve sweaters. Her colors are more subdued. Not that she doesn't wear pink, but they are cal

YOYO Lip Gloss Zippered Pouch Gift Set Minis Review and Giveaway

Hey Neighbors! I have been having a great time out At the Fence recently. I am sure most of you have heard of YOYO Lip Gloss. I recently received the new YOYO minis zippered pouch gift set. It comes with 3 retractable YOYO lip glosses. My daughter was so excited! I have a 10 year old who really enjoys testing products like this for me. We have Kissable Kiwi, Girly Green Apple, and Big Bounce Bubblegum. All three come with clips to attach to your belt, waistband, a purse or backpack strap, anywhere to keep it handy. The nice feature is, with the retractable attachment, you won't constantly be misplacing or searching for your lip gloss. Just pull it out, uncap it, apply to your lips and then let the lip gloss retract. It is that easy! And there is a built in breakaway feature, so if your gloss gets caught on something or someone is pulling on it the clip will come undone. And when you run out of lip gloss just undo the snap and purchase more to attach to your clip. The

Lauren's Hope Medical ID Bracelet Review and Giveaway

Hi Neighbors, I know I have mentioned this several times recently, but I was diagnosed with diabetes not too long ago. Now, in a 6 week time period through diet and e xercise, I was able to lower my Blood Glucose level enough to stop medication. I had to really w atch my carb intake. Anyway it was recommended that I have a medical ID just in case. (You know there are some medications and such that will raise your blood sugar.) I contacted Lauren's Hope and they were very willing to work with me. I love their selection and that they do not look like regular medical bracelets. They are actually pretty! Now should anything happen where I am unable to tell someone I am diabetic, the bracelet will do so. I had my name, Diabetes II, 2 phone numbers, along with "no medications" engraved on the back of mine. I love it! I receiv ed the Sophie ($39.95) You can find Lauren's Hope on Twitter and Facebook . If you have a child, spouse or loved one that needs a medica

Walmart Box Tops for Education $25 Walmart GC Giveaway!

Hi Neighbors, Looking towards the beginning of school, Walmart is promoting their Box Tops for Education. Starting in mid July you will be able to find 70 participating products that each have 4 box tops. So be sure to shop your local Walmart to help raise funds for your local school. Purchase General Mills products like; Cheerios, Nature Valley and Yoplait. Box Tops for Education has helped America's schools earn over $400 million since 1996. Box Tops also has ways to earn more for your school online. You can even follow your schools progress here. Make sure you stop by and register, so you can support your school online. Another rally nice attraction on the website is a list of recipes using the General Mills products. Walmart and Blog Spark have partnered together to bring you this information as well as give one winner a $25 Walmart Gift Card. I already received mine! You can use the card to purchase products with Box Tops for Education, or perhaps you have some need

Could You Use Portable Solar Power?

Hi Neighbors! As many of you know we spend a lot of time on the road. Many times we end up in a campground and portable solar power would be quite helpful. Or we are in a location where there are no outlets nearby. I mean we have been at churches that have an outhouse out back. Between blogging, cell phones, and all the electronics that a family of 8 carries around I believe solar power would be a major benefit. Not to mention the times we have ended up without a power source at all. We spent one weekend in our camper with no power or water! We really felt like we roughed it! I can also remember times that we sat in a tent without power, would have loved to have some power source. Or how many times have you pulled out a camera or camcorder, only to find the battery is dead and you have no way to charge them? Having portable solar power would have really made my day. We have actually gone to a restaurant and found a table with a plug nearby so we could re-charge a cell phone o

More Winners!

Hello again neighbors! I just wanted to take a minute to post the next list of winners out here At the Fence! I also wanted to thank each and every one of you that takes the time to stop by and visit At the Fence. You all make this neighborhood successful. I look forward to seeing each of you out here At the Fence! Here are the winners: Emerald Breakfast on the go-Janet, Cheryl Leki Nordic Walking Poles-Eileen Thanks again neighbors! See you At the Fence!

GeoSafari Tuff Scope Review and Giveaway

Hey Neighbors! I have the perfect item for your budding scientist or explorer. It is from Educational Insights and is a GeoSafari Tuff Scope ($39.99). This is really neat! It is very well made and can be used as a regular microscope, or a handheld out in the field. The Tuff Scope is recommended for ages 5+ or K+. The Tuff Scope requires 3 AA batteries, that are not included. This microscope will bring many hours of exploration fun to your children. Allow them to collect specimens and then spend time studying them. GeoSafari's Tuff Scope comes with one slide that already has a cotton fiber (this looks so amazing!), and then 2 blank slides. There is also an attachment where you can take pictures with the Tuff Cam (sold separately). Up to 400x magnification with the microscope and 2x as a field scope. The zoom magnification is 50x-100x, 100x-200x and 200x-400x. I was amazed at how clear this little microscope was. Another feature I really like is that there is a built in

Winners, Winners, and more Winners!

Hi neighbors, I thought I would run an update on winners! Also don't miss out on entering the Leki Nordic Walking Poles that end tonight! Also the Emerald Breakfast on the go! On to the winners! Trading Phrases-Cheryl Cocoa Latte Machine-Sally Gorton's Seafood Coupons-Alicia, Robin, Chavonne Zip 'n Hang-Shelly Big Apple Pet Supply Multifunction Pet Carrier-Sara Everyday Uses Rock and Cards Set-Tawnda 10,001 Ways to De-clutter Your Home-Sally Dragon Tail Sunglasses-Erin S'mens-Justine Gold Canyon Candle-Lisa Cafe Press-Janet Energizer-Tess Estimation Station-Mandy Inching Along Game-Steph Stopain-Melanie Lovable Labels-Kerrie GeoSafari Talking Electron Microscope-Deborah Reach and Rembrandt-Niecey Polar FA20 Watch-Deborah Thank you to all who have been entering! Be sure to check out the other reviews and giveaways! Check the sidebar.

Numenko-in-a-bag Review and Giveaway

Neighbors! I love to visit out here At the Fence with you! I hope your day is going as well as mine. I just have to tell you about this new game. It is called Numenko ! We love it! This is such a fun game, and it helps you and your children improve math skills. Before I describe this game, let me tell you Math was not my favorite subject. I did well in Math, I just preferred my English classes. I mean I in my senior year I took one quarter of Trig, and decided I had all my Math credits, why bother. Anyway, I say all that to say, my whole family enjoys Numenko. This is the Numenko-in-a-bag . I will only be calling it Numenko throughout this post, but know that this is the one that comes in the bag. There is also a board game. (Maybe you will be seeing that one later!) I really like the way you play this version because you are working on your own personal math crossword, you are not playing off each other. I think that helps remove some of the competition and stress off th

Men's Shaving Tips From My Husband

Howdy neighbors and friends At the Fence! I have a post today that is written by my husband. He has offered some tips and handy hints about men's shaving . I hope you enjoy the read! And make sure to check out the funny story at the end from me:) 1.Use a Correct Razor. I like to use an electric razor. It seems to give a better shave and leaves my face feeling less irritated. This is just my choice of tool. I know others who do not like the electric razor but I prefer one. Make sure you keep the blades clean and sharp. 2.Start With a Clean Face. I don't like shaving after I shower as it tends to leave beard hair all over me. And when I have to use a regular razor I always use warm water on my face. Make sure that you use enough water and shaving cream.. 3.End with a Cleanser and Moisturizer. I am not a big fan of men's smelly products. I always tease my boys about using their cologne and after-shave. But a good after-shave helps moisturize your face and soothe any nicks or

Parent's Choice Infant Formula Savings Sweepstakes

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of PBM Products for SocialSpark . All opinions are 100% mine. Hi Neighbors! I wanted to take a quick moment here At the Fence to share about the Parent's Choice Infant Formula Savings Sweepstakes.  The Sweepstakes, created in partnership with PBM Products, LLC, a Perrigo Company, will provide the one winner with a $10,000 college scholarship in the form of a College Savings 529 Plan.  Parent's Choice Infant Formula is the Wal-mart private brand of formula and is available at Walmart locations nationwide and online at  You can find the rules and form to enter at:  You do have to be at least 18 years old to enter and you must be a legal resident of the 50 United States.  Make sure neighbors that you take the time to enter the Parent’s Choice Infant Formula Savings Sweepstakes .  It is quick and easy.  For over 13 years Walmart has helped pare

Brothers All Natural Healthy Snacks

Good day neighbors! As you know we are presently on a quick trip to Florida, and what do you need on a trip with children? Healthy snacks! For some reason children seem to think when you travel you need to snack. Rather than chips and sugar coated snacks, where you end up with very hyper children riding in car, not to mention they seem to get more irritable, why not include Brothers All Natural Crisps . They come in several types of fruit, so you are sure to find one to please everyone. We received their Mandarin Orange Crisps, Apple Cinnamon Crisps, Asian Pear Crisps, Fuji Apple Crisps, Banana Crisps, Peach Crisps, Pineapple Crisps, Strawberry Crisps and Strawberry Banana Crisps. All of these are 100% natural with no additives or preservatives. So you are getting 100% fruit with no sugar added! Brothers All Natural starts with fresh fruit and send it directly to their state of the art Freeze-Dried process. By removing the water from the fruit, you are left with a delicious fr