Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Our Family Room!

Hey Neighbors,

As most of you know we travel quite a bit as my husband preaches, but we do have a base to take breaks and relax occasionally. The home we do this in has what I would describe as a family room. We have 2 six foot tables to seat everyone for meals and home-schooling, bookcases on most of the walls, and 8 rolling chairs. The actual dining area is not big enough for our family so we turned it into a study with a desk and more bookcases. Can you tell we like to read? Anyway when it comes to TV Furniture we really don't have much. We don't watch regular TV. We have a monitor to watch Christian videos. Mainly on Christian History (the children love hearing about the old preachers and missionaries), Creation vs. Evolution, And we have a few Christian videos just for entertainment.

We don't use a TV stand because we don't want to emphasize TV. I did find the stand above and I would use it for books and display of my figurines. We spend a lot of time reading and playing games together. Friday evening is our scheduled Family Fun Night, but we often play games other evenings too. The girls enjoy doing puzzles together too!

We have our monitor in an entertainment center with doors. The one above sort of resembles ours. I prefer an entertainment centers with doors because it you can close the doors and it doesn't sit there staring at you all day. It has two large drawers that hold most all of our DVD's. It is on wheels so we can move it if necessary. I mush prefer having our Family room set up this way so that we center on the books and games. What do you do?


tannawings said...

We do watch TV.. and one of my favorites was one we had before our current one- it had doors kinda like the one shown to just close it all off.
Most times honestly I dont watch TV as much as have it on as background noise :) I do enjoy a couple of shows, but during most of the time it is off anyway. I wish they had old story time radio!

Niecey said...

We don't have a tv in our livingroom. It's a room for spending time together, playing games, reading etc.
We do have one in my bedroom, no channels or cable or anything we just use it for dvds or we can output from our computer. That way we always know what the kids are watching.

Unknown said...

I can think of so many ways to use a TV stand as well...book shelf, catch all...there are so many good uses! Thanks for the review!