Monday, June 20, 2011

New umbrella for my mom

Guest post written by Cassandra Mathers

Last time I was home a few weeks ago to visit my parents, it rained the whole weekend. But my mom and I braved it for a lunch out and a day out shopping anyway. The thing was though that her umbrella looked so pitiful that I tried to convince her to let me buy her a new one just as a treat. But she wouldn't, so I'm shopping for one to give her anyway. If I hand it to her, she can't turn it down, right?

I thought I would be able to find some really cute umbrellas online, so that's where I started my search. As I was looking, I ran across some and even though I wasn't looking for them, I checked them out and ordered one of them for my home internet service.

My mom's a pretty cheery person and loves bright colors, so I thought that it would be important to find her an umbrella that reflects that. So I picked out this really pretty floral pattern that I'm pretty sure she's going to love. Plus, it also folds up really small so she can stick it in her purse and carry it around with her everywhere.

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Unknown said...

What a cute post. Thanks! :)